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The American pit bull terrier, generally known as a pitbull or pit bull, is likely one of the commonest breeds in the US and is thought for its loyalty, friendliness, and willpower to please people.

American pit bull terriers are nice with kids, however not with different canines. Pit bulls shouldn’t be used as guard canines and shouldn’t reside in households with different pets.

Rising from 30–60 kilos and 17–21 inches tall places American pit bull terriers within the class of medium-sized canines. This breed additionally lives longer than most breeds, with a lifespan of 12–16 years.

The American pit bull terrier breed is acknowledged by the United Kennel Membership (UKC), however not by the American Kennel Membership (AKC).

The AKC acknowledges the American Staffordshire Terrier, which is a pressure of the American pit bull terrier breed.

American Pit Bull Terrier Fast Abstract

Breed TitleAmerican pit bull terrier
Different NamesPitbull, pit bull, pitbull terrier
Breed StrainsColby terrier, Outdated Household Pink Nostril, American Staffordshire terrier
Appropriate forHouseholds with kids, police work, remedy, efficiency sports activities
Life Span12–16 years
Peak17–20 inches (feminine), 18–21 inches (male)
Weight30–50 kilos (feminine), 35–60 kilos (male)
ColoursBrown, black, white, red-brown, noticed, tuxedo
Coat KindClean, stiff, shiny
TemperamentLoyal, affectionate, clever, courageous, foolish
Grooming WantsWeekly brushing, month-to-month nail clipping, bathing as wanted
Train WantsOne hour minimal per day
Every day Eating regimen½ cup of meals for each 10 kilos of weight, twice a day

American Pit Bull Terrier Look

American Pit Bull Terrier appearance

American pit bull terriers are brief, muscular canines which are barely longer than they’re tall. They’ve huge heads, thick our bodies, pointed ears, and tails which are thick on the base and taper to some extent.

This canine’s brief, shiny coat is available in all shade patterns and variations.

Peak and Weight

American pit bull terrier females and males differ in peak and weight, however solely by a couple of inches and kilos.

A feminine grows 17–20 inches tall and weighs 30–50 kilos. Males develop 18–20 inches tall and weigh 35–60 kilos.

American pit bull terriers develop to their full peak at 12 months, however proceed to fluctuate in weight relying on their diets and train routines.

Breeding strains may also have an effect on measurement and weight. Some present canines are bred to be bigger than commonplace American pit bull terriers. Paw measurement and breeding historical past will help to find out a canine’s future measurement.


American pit bull terriers have a clean, shiny coat that stays brief and stiff. The coat can are available in many alternative colours, patterns, and variations.

American pit bull terriers usually are not hypoallergenic, however they’ve mid to low shedding and don’t accumulate particles of their coats simply.

Breed Strains

The colour and look of an American pit bull terrier will depend on its breeding historical past and distinct breed strains which are acknowledged by breeders and kennel golf equipment.

  • Colby pit bull: White and black coated with black noses
  • Pink nostril pitbull (Outdated household pink nostril): Brown and pink coloring with pink or amber eyes, a pink nostril, and pink toenails
  • American Staffordshire terrier: Greater than common pit bulls and acknowledged by the AKC

American Staffordshire terriers come from American pit bull terrier breeding, however the American Staffordshire terrier was bred with totally different intentions, like extra muscular and taller our bodies because of canine present requirements, and seems totally different from the usual American pit bull terrier.

American Pit Bull Terrier Origins

smiling American Pit Bull Terrier

American pit bull terriers come from an extended historical past of breeding that started within the British Isles.

Outdated English bulldogs and outdated English terriers have been bred collectively for bloodsports like bear-baiting, bull-baiting, and dogfighting.

Within the 1800s, American pit bull terriers got here to the US with Irish, British, and Scottish immigrants.

Canine breeding in America triggered American pit bull terriers to have the dimensions and temperament that exhibits right this moment.

In 1898, the UKC acknowledged the breed.

American pit bull terriers have been accepted into the AKC stud e book, however the group renamed the breed.

As a result of “pit bull” pertains to canine combating, the AKC named the breed after the UK county of Staffordshire, the place the breed originated from.

The AKC acknowledged American pit bull terriers in 1936 below the identify “American Staffordshire terrier.”

American Pit Bull Terrier Temperament

Three American Pit Bull Terriers sitting on grass smiling

American pit bull terriers are loyal and pleasant canines. They’re nice with youngsters and make fantastic household canines. This breed shouldn’t be used as a guard canine as a result of it’s overtly pleasant with strangers.

American pit bull terriers are aggressive in the direction of different canine breeds and have a excessive prey drive.

Small animals like birds and rabbits shouldn’t be saved with the American pit bull terrier, and it wants correct socialization and coaching to be round different canines.

American Pit Bull Terrier Legal guidelines & Bans

A number of nations, territories, and cities have enacted breed-specific legal guidelines that stop possession, breeding, and importing of “pit bull-type canines” due to a scientific examine by Vet Med Right now that accused sure canine breeds of being extra more likely to chew people and trigger bite-related fatalities.

This examine was disputed and peer-review research discovered that the breed doesn’t decide aggression or probability of assaults.

Many legal guidelines have already been repealed, however house owners ought to examine native legal guidelines earlier than touring with, breeding, or adopting American pit bull terriers.

Taking Care of an American Pit Bull Terrier

pitbull running on a road

American pit bull terriers are straightforward to coach and have few grooming wants, which makes them straightforward to look after. Nevertheless, this breed has genetic well being circumstances that require duty and upkeep.

Meals Wants

American pit bull terriers don’t have particular dietary necessities. They need to be given high-quality meals that’s authorised by veterinarians.

Puppies, adults, and senior canines needs to be given age-specific meals.

American pit bull terriers could be given a half cup of meals for each 10 kilos of physique weight twice a day.

This quantity shouldn’t exceed 5 cups per meal as over-feeding results in weight problems and well being issues.

Grooming Wants

American pit bull terriers have clean, brief coats that don’t require common trimming or bathing.

Quick coats needs to be brushed as soon as per week to encourage wholesome oil manufacturing and take away useless pores and skin and international objects from the hair.

All canines ought to have their nails trimmed each three or 4 weeks, and this breed solely must be bathed in the event that they’re beginning to odor.

Train Wants

American pit bull terriers aren’t overly energetic, however they’re muscular and excel at coaching workout routines and sports activities like weight pulling and different efficiency occasions.

This breed could be left alone through the day, however it ought to have at the least an hour of train every day.

American pit bull terriers make good home canines, however might develop digging or chewing behaviors with out wholesome shops.

Bigger canines can maintain their bladders for longer durations, however American pit bull terriers needs to be set free and walked at the least twice a day to forestall kidney or bowel issues.

Psychological Wants

American pit bull terriers don’t want numerous actions to stimulate them through the day, however they’re clever and desperate to be taught. Coaching and puzzles assist this breed keep away from boredom and unhealthy conduct.

This breed has a excessive prey drive so balls or interactive chew toys assist the canine to precise this conduct in wholesome methods.

Frequent Well being Issues

As with many purebred canines, the American pit bull terrier is susceptible to sure well being points equivalent to:

Detailed breed well being statistics will help house owners perceive the well being dangers related to every breed.

Common veterinary testing and bloodline analysis helps to forestall and deal with these well being points. Yearly parvovirus vaccinations are important for American pit bull terriers.

Puppies must also obtain all obtainable vaccinations earlier than they work together with different canines or animals.

Prepare an American Pit Bull Terrier

pitbull jumping in the snow

American pit bull terriers are obedient canines that like to please their house owners. This breed is straightforward to coach and does effectively with psychological challenges.

Socializing puppies with different canines is important to forestall canine aggression. Watch rigorously throughout canine interactions to reward optimistic conduct, or break up damaging conduct.

The American pit bull terrier mentally develops for its first three or 4 years, so aggressive behaviors can develop at any time.

Aggressive reactions are harmful for house owners to interrupt up, however break sticks assist to keep away from proprietor accidents and breach the chew maintain of American pit bull terriers.

These instruments are helpful to cease fights between American pit bull terriers and different canines. Detailed break stick understanding is vital for multi-dog households.

American Pit Bull Terrier Value

pitbull puppy behind fence

American pit bull terriers are costly canines in the event that they’re from champion bloodlines, however puppies with out registration, adults, and blended breeds are cheaper.

This breed can be frequent in shelters, so adoption is accessible and inexpensive.

How A lot is an American Pit Bull Terrier?

American pit bull terriers value $800–$2,500. Age, bloodline, and shade can have an effect on pricing.

Adopting and rescuing are nice alternate options for potential house owners on a funds.

American pit bull terrier breeders embrace:

Adoption and rescues embrace:

How A lot Does it Value to Elevate an American Pit Bull Terrier?

American pit bull terriers have rare grooming wants that decrease recurring prices. Nevertheless, this breed has a excessive threat of great well being circumstances, like hip dysplasia and Parvovirus, which are pricey to deal with and lethal if untreated.

Screening and vaccinations are essential to forestall severe ailments.

Elevating an American pit bull terrier prices $950–$2,200 per yr or $80–$170 month-to-month.

Puppies want vaccinations, well being checks, and, probably neutering or spaying. Preliminary prices for an American pit bull terrier pet vary from $300–$700.

Estimated Prices

Grooming$30–$100 as wanted
Nail Trimming$10–$20 month-to-month
Excessive-High quality Meals$50–$100 per 30 days
Coaching$30–$80 per class
Well being Screening$10–$50 per take a look at
Veterinary Checkups$100–$300 yearly
Pet Vaccinations$20–$100
Parvovirus vaccine$20–$50 yearly
Heartworm Prevention$20–$50 month-to-month

Many animal shelters and non-profit organizations present vaccinations, well being screenings, neutering, spaying, and drugs at a less expensive value.

Ought to You Get an American Pit Bull Terrier?

man holding a cute American Pit Bull Terrier puppy

American pit bull terriers have lived alongside folks for generations and their human-loving nature makes them a loyal addition to any household.

Kids and adults can equally get pleasure from taking part in with and coaching this breed.

American pit bull terriers aren’t good for each setting, nonetheless, because of their prey-hunting nature and aggressive conduct in the direction of different canines.

American Pit Bull Terriers are Appropriate for:

The American pit bull terrier is finest for house owners or households which have reasonably energetic existence and a good quantity of dog-owning expertise. American pit bull terriers are appropriate for:

  • Households with kids
  • Police work
  • Canine remedy
  • Canine efficiency competitions.
  • House owners that desire a loyal and obedient pet

As hard-working and loving canines, American pit bull terriers want house owners who will take the time to firmly practice and look after the wants of their canine.

American Pit Bull Terriers are NOT Appropriate for:

With average power ranges, American pit bull terriers are primarily indoor canines and are affectionate with their house owners and households.

Nevertheless, as a prey-driven breed with aggression in the direction of different canines, the American pit bull terrier will not be appropriate for:

  • Homes with a couple of canine
  • Homes with different pets
  • House owners will low exercise or low-energy
  • Newbie/inexperienced canine house owners
  • House owners who don’t observe strict obedience when coaching

American pit bull terriers are adaptable and could be saved in several conditions, however house owners should all the time take into account the security of different pets and themselves when taking this breed into new settings.




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