jueves, diciembre 8, 2022
InicioAnimalCollege of Central Florida: Finish Your SeaWorld Partnership!

College of Central Florida: Finish Your SeaWorld Partnership!


I’m writing to induce the College of Central Florida’s administration to cease perpetuating marine animal exploitation at SeaWorld by ending the sale of tickets to the park.

I used to be dissatisfied to seek out out that UCF sells SeaWorld tickets to its college students at 30% lower than the common worth. The college is promoting an organization that denies marine animals—together with orcas, different dolphins, and whales—a pure life within the ocean, the place they may swim freely and select their very own mates. As a substitute of encouraging college students to be taught meaningfully by means of establishments like museums, by means of movies, and out in nature, UCF is selecting to help the outdated, merciless follow of exploiting animals for leisure.

Animals don’t exist to entertain us—they shouldn’t be confined to tiny tanks and compelled to carry out for many of their lives, simply to offer people with fleeting moments of amusement. Respect, fairness, innovation, and stewardship are self-proclaimed core values of UCF, and so they have to be utilized to this case.




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