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Drone Motors Scorching? 5 Most-Frequent Issues (And What to Do) –


The performance of a drone relies on the situation of its components. If the components are in good condition, then the drone can have a clean flight. One of the vital components of a drone is its motors. Drone motors may be vulnerable to overheating even with conservative flying. Nevertheless, drone motor heating is regular, as a result of they’re normally put underneath plenty of stress when flying. However there could be some repercussions if the warmth is in extra.

A number of issues come up when the motors of a drone overheat. The foremost points embrace de-syncing of motors, lack of magnetic energy, sizzling frames, broken windings, in addition to drone motor failure in excessive circumstances. Nevertheless, there’s a approach out of every drawback.

So, what are you able to do about every of those points? 

If the motors of your drone are overheating, you’re proper the place it’s essential to be. We have now put collectively the commonest issues related to drone motor heating and the perfect resolution for every.

1. Broken motor windings

Drone motors are made with copper wires wrapped round a comfortable iron magnetic core. Windings type a magnetic subject that’s managed by an digital velocity controller. The magnetic subject interacts with the everlasting magnets thus permitting the rotation of the motors powering the propellers and giving raise to the drone.

If the motor windings will not be fabricated from high-quality copper, they’ll overheat simply and probably deform by way of melting or over-extension. On this new state, the motor won’t be able to rotate as wanted subsequently interfering with the drone takeoff. It is because the windings won’t assist in the technology of the pressure wanted for liftoff or flight.

What to do

To resolve this drawback, you need to detach the windings from the screws that join the drone body and motor. Examine the conductivity in between till there isn’t a extra beeping. Alternatively, putting in shorter bolts and guaranteeing that they don’t come into contact with the windings may also resolve the issue.

2. Desyncing motors

Overheating of a drone motor could cause desyncing. This takes place when a motor stalls or fails to spin on the similar velocity as the opposite motors. This may occur even when the motor sign ascends to the utmost. Desyncing could cause your drone to fall out of the sky or function uncontrollably.

If this occurs, pay shut consideration to the aspect of the drone that fails first. This manner, it is possible for you to to determine the defective motor and take corrective actions, relying on the state of the drone after the failure. 

What to do

To repair this drawback or cut back the possibilities of it occurring once more, you need to change the settings of BLHeli or Betaflight if you’re utilizing any of them. One of the simplest ways to make the modifications is to put in an up to date model of every program. These settings won’t be probably the most appropriate by way of efficiency however they’re the strongest.

The opposite resolution is to exchange the drone motor with a brand new one. That is extra appropriate in case your drone crashed inflicting some injury to the inner components of the motor. If a broken motor isn’t eliminated, it’d compromise different motors and it’s possible you’ll find yourself counting extra losses.

3. Lack of magnetic energy

Drone motors encompass magnets that lose their magnetic subject energy when overheated. The magnets play a big position in making a pressure that helps the motors to spin. 

This implies, subsequently, that if the magnetic energy is misplaced, the drone’s efficiency might be affected. The opposite impact of a loss in magnetic energy is elevated warmth dissipation from the motor. If one thing isn’t carried out shortly about this drawback, the drone motor won’t final for lengthy. Your drone additionally stands the danger of crashing.

What to do

Issues related to the lack of magnetic subject within the drone motor are troublesome to resolve. It could subsequently be smart to ask for assist from the producer of your drone or motor. 

Alternatively, you can also make inquiries about how you can resolve the problem from drone teams or boards. You’ll all the time discover somebody keen to assist. If the above doesn’t work, the one remaining possibility could be to exchange the drone motor.

4. Scorching body

An overheated drone will trigger the drone body to grow to be sizzling throughout or after a flight. The warmth doesn’t need to be excessive to burn you, however should you contact part of the drone’s body after touchdown and it feels sizzling, all isn’t properly with the drone motor. It is because the body of a drone is conductive and subsequently if there’s some warmth coming from the drone motor, it would warmth up.

What to do

One of the best motion to absorb such an occasion is to verify on the wiring. It is because the motor section wires may very well be touching the drone frames and conducting the warmth from the overheated drone motor. Nevertheless, this course of may be very meticulous and takes plenty of time, so be sure to have loads of time earlier than you start. 

5. Drone motor failure

That is the final drawback that any drone proprietor would want to encounter. Sadly, overheating could cause the drone motor to fail utterly. If this happens when your drone is flying, it would inevitably lose its stability and crash except there’s an emergency management plan.

What to do

If you’re confronted with a drone motor failure, the perfect factor to do is contact your drone or motor producer. The opposite approach out is getting a brand new motor in your drone. Relying on its altitude, an in-flight drone motor failure is for certain to trigger terminal injury.


We have now mentioned the widespread issues attributable to drone motor overheating. Fixing the issues related to motor overheating isn’t a straightforward process. There are a lot of viewpoints surrounding the issues and their options. Nevertheless, should you take your time and dig into every of them properly, you’ll get an answer for the actual problem at hand. Or a remedial motion.

If the issue is past your capability, contemplate reaching out to a drone motor professional or your producer. Alternatively, you might need to exchange the drone motor by getting a brand new one if the issue isn’t solvable. 




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