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Empath Share Video for New Single ‘Elvis Comeback Particular’


Forward of the discharge of their new album Customer this Friday (February 11), Empath have shared another single from it known as ‘Elvis Comeback Particular’. Following earlier choices ‘Born 100 Instances’, ‘Diamond Eyelids’, and ‘Passing Stranger’, the observe arrives with an animated video directed by Halle Ballard. Watch and pay attention beneath.

Speaking in regards to the new single, vocalist Catherine Elicson mentioned in an announcement:

‘Elvis’ began as a discarded voice memo. Typically I’ll play little guitar components and melodies into my cellphone after which not assume something of them till many months later. Once I pay attention again it’s like listening to another person’s music and I can hear the track extra clearly. So I fleshed out all of the components, and after I introduced it to the entire band, all these sudden rhythms and melodies popped out of the track. The track got here to life; that’s probably the most thrilling a part of collaborating as a band.

The lyrics took me the longest of any track to finish. The morning of the day I used to be to sing all my vocals within the studio, I used to be sitting exterior a restaurant hyped on caffeine and sweatily typing new phrases into my notes app. The lyrics take care of the sensation of uncertainty in your self once you’re caught up in another person’s world and you must disentangle fantasy and chilly actuality. As a result of the track has these sharply rhythmic moments, Jake [Portrait] prompt I sing the lyrics actually lazily as a distinction. The impact, although refined, added a extra compelling vibe to the entire track.




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