viernes, octubre 7, 2022
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Free Know-how for Lecturers: CanvasMol


Canvas Mol is a web site that gives 3D, interactive, rotating fashions of straightforward and sophisticated molecules. There are greater than fifty fashions of comparatively frequent molecules like glucose, fructose, and morphine. Every mannequin may be altered to indicate or not present bonds, to indicate or not present particular person atoms, and to rotate on the X,Y, or Z axis. Canvas Mol works greatest in Chrome or Opera, however it may also be utilized in Firefox and Safari.

Purposes for Schooling
Canvas Mol might be an incredible useful resource for chemistry and biology academics and college students. Lecturers can manipulate the fashions to incorporate or not embody all elements of the mannequin. Lecturers might select to not show one factor of the mannequin and problem college students to determine the molecule.




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