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Hippo King | Elephants and Hippos Play Cover and Search | Nature



– [Narrator] And, as all the time, the brand new moist season introduced salvation and new experiences.

(water effervescent) A shock for the younger hippo bull, elephants in his lagoon, such an intrusion drew a crowd.

And so they weren’t simply after an harmless swim.

A yawn was supposed to be a risk, however was perceived as an invite.

(elephant grunting) (water splashing) A recreation of conceal ensued — of gigantic proportions.

Often, hippos and elephants keep out of one another’s means.

(animals grunting) However the elephants intentionally, gate crashed the hippos’ pool social gathering.

The elephants teamed as much as chase the hippos round.

However they had been means out of their depth.

(animals grunting) (water splashing) How can a 3 ton large vanish identical to that?

For as soon as, the hippos had the higher hand.

(hippo respiratory closely)




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