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Hyperbaric Oxygen Remedy for Well being Optimization


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People want oxygen to outlive. In elementary college, all of us realized that the air we breathe incorporates 21% oxygen. 

Our our bodies use oxygen for vitality manufacturing. Within the blood vessels, crimson blood cells carry oxygen and bind it to hemoglobin. It then dissolves within the plasma and flows out to the physique tissues by the arteries and capillaries. 

Whereas we’ve recognized of the function of oxygen in our well being for tons of of years, it wasn’t till 1891 that Dr. J.L. Corning constructed a hyperbaric chamber in New York. Since then, we’ve continued to optimize the chambers for one of the best mixture of air stress and oxygen for therapeutic functions. 

What Is Hyperbaric Oxygen Remedy?

Hyperbaric Oxygen Remedy (HBOT) is when an individual breathes in 100% pure oxygen at elevated atmospheric stress. The pressurized chamber helps the physique higher take up the oxygen into the lungs and tissues. 

The mix of elevated oxygen focus plus additional stress helps drive extra oxygen to the place our our bodies want it most. 

Varieties of HBOT

There are three sorts of hyperbaric oxygen chambers. The primary two are medical grades that you simply discover in hospitals and medical facilities. 

  • Multiplace chambers – A number of sufferers can sit inside. Some are outfitted with hoods or masks to breathe as an alternative of immersing the complete physique within the oxygen remedy.
  • Monoplace chambers – A single particular person can lay or sit for medical remedy.
  • Gentle-shell chambers – For private use that you could purchase in your own residence. You zip your self into this one. The stress doesn’t go up as excessive, however they nonetheless provide wonderful well being advantages. 

We measure the stress as ambiance absolute (ATA). The soft-shells often go to 1.3-1.7 ATA, whereas the hard-shells can go to five.0 ATA, however people can solely safely descend to three.0 ATA.

In well being care settings, the usual time inside is 90 minutes, plus 10 minutes on each ends to slowly enhance and reduce the stress. It takes two hours out of your day. 

In a medical setting, they’re usually clear acrylic chambers. The at-home gadgets are opaque, often insulated with material. (I don’t thoughts the dearth of visible stimulation!) 

Don’t take something into the chamber with you. You’ll have to take away all jewellery and electronics out of your particular person (not that you ought to be carrying your cellphone in your pocket anyway!) In well being care amenities, it’s fairly customary to have TVs arrange for sufferers to observe. 

HBOT Advantages 

We’re studying extra about how HBOT helps the physique. It:  

  • Will increase oxygen – in all components of the physique
  • Regrows blood vessels – by rising blood stream and enhancing blood density within the physique 
  • Decreases swelling and irritation – by downregulating a number of inflammatory markers 
  • Improves lymphatic fluid stream – from the elevated stress 
  • Stimulates stem cells – which helps the physique additional regenerate 
  • Kills infections – by ravenous dangerous anaerobic micro organism of the surroundings they should thrive

Total, it could assist optimize your mobile functioning and mitochondria. 

Sometimes, the common course of remedy that docs prescribe and that some insurances cowl is 40 periods. The FDA approves of the usage of arduous chambers for the next medical situations: 

  • Decompression illness – counters the surplus nitrogen from resurfacing too quick whereas scuba diving
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Wound therapeutic 
    • Diabetic foot ulcers and diabetic wounds
    • Radiation damage
    • Burns 
    • Pores and skin infections like gangrene 
    • Pores and skin grafts 
  • Osteomyelitis – non-healing bone infections 
  • Sudden deafness or listening to loss 
  • Gasoline and air bubbles in blood vessels
  • Crush damage 
  • Anemia 
  • Imaginative and prescient loss 

Alternatively, the FDA has solely accredited smooth chambers for altitude illness (AKA mountain illness). 

In my podcast interview with Dr. Scott Sherr on hyperbaric drugs, he identified that whereas the FDA solely has 14 accredited makes use of for HBOT, different nations have accredited it for over 70. 

We nonetheless have lots to study the way it absolutely works. Nonetheless, docs have continued to check hyperbaric remedy for extra off-label makes use of.

  • Most cancers – usually used at the side of chemotherapy and radiation, doubtlessly rendering them more practical
  • Arthritis – it could assist cut back signs when oxidative stress and C-reactive protein ranges are too excessive
  • Ischemia – it could cut back the long-term results of coronary heart assault and strokes
  • Reproductive points – it could enhance fertility and reverse erectile dysfunction
  • Persistent sickness – from power fatigue syndrome to Lyme illness, there are various case research of use for these sicknesses
  • Traumatic mind accidents 
  • Despair and Seasonal Affective Dysfunction
  • Parkinson’s Illness 
  • Autism Spectrum Dysfunction 

Many athletes use it for gentle accidents, claiming it hurries up the restoration course of. Others use it for anti-aging. Some veterinarians provide HBOT for pets. 

Due to the few negative effects, many different practitioners are keen to attempt HBOT for complicated power sicknesses and different well being situations that haven’t responded to straightforward therapies. 

Hyperbaric Oxygen Aspect Results & Cautions 

Nonetheless, HBOT isn’t for everybody. As all the time, speak to your physician about hyperbaric oxygen therapies earlier than doing them. 

You may trigger harm with an excessive amount of of factor like oxygen. There may be such a factor as oxygen toxicity. When the quantity of oxygen is just too excessive, it might enhance reactive oxygen species. 

Some situations require additional warning: 

  • Latest accidents – in the event you’ve just lately been in an accident, well being care suppliers will want a scan to be sure you don’t have a pneumothorax (a pocket of air contained in the lungs)
  • Ear points – the elevated ear stress can injure the center ear
  • Lung illness
  • Seizure problems 

In animal research, too excessive of stress induces cataracts and also can trigger sinus points. Some report short-term imaginative and prescient adjustments, however these clear as soon as the therapies end. As a result of 98% of the micro organism within the intestine microbiome are anaerobic, one ought to take into account supplementing with spore-based probiotic

Some HBOT facilities recommend taking antioxidants to assist counter oxidative stress when utilizing excessive doses. 

Hyperbaric Oxygen Remedy at House

It’s great that we are able to now harness the ability of oxygen within the privateness of our personal houses. (And spend much less cash whereas getting to maintain the system.) 

The manufacturers I like to recommend are: 

  • Hbot Plus – They provide two soft-shell choices, one for sitting and one for mendacity down. In addition they have one hard-shell design.
  • HyperbaricPro – They’ve soft-shell designs for mendacity down, these in wheelchairs, and a number of individuals without delay, along with hard-shell fashions. 

I bought to expertise hyperbaric oxygen with a buddy who was battling Lyme Illness. Like after I’ve gone underwater diving, you possibly can really feel a little bit stress inside your ears and in your pores and skin. It’s virtually such as you’re in an airplane the place your ears pop while you open your mouth. I wish to chew gum whereas in it to assist with the stress.

This text was medically reviewed by Dr. Tim Jackson. He’s a Physician of Bodily Remedy and Orthopedic Rehabilitation, and a Practical Medication supplier. He holds a B.S. Diploma in Well being Science and Chemistry from Wake Forest College. As all the time, this isn’t private medical recommendation and we advocate that you simply speak together with your physician.

Have you ever tried hyperbaric oxygen remedy but? Will you attempt it? 


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