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It’s Earth Day And Sloth Bear Cubs Have Names


SEATTLE—Simply in time for Earth Day, the names for Woodland Park Zoo’s brother and sister sloth bear cubs are in!

Drum roll, please…the title for the boy sloth bear cub is Madhu (muh-DOO), which suggests “candy, honey,” and Lila (LEE-lah), which suggests “play, amusement.” Each names are Hindi to signify India, certainly one of a number of nations the place sloth bears reside.

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RS41897_2022_04_13 sloth bear cubs-11
RS41897_2022_04_13 sloth bear cubs-11
RS41897_2022_04_13 sloth bear cubs-11
RS41897_2022_04_13 sloth bear cubs-11

Madhu was named by way of a neighborhood ballot and Lila by particular pals of the zoo. “Our household has loved and supported Woodland Park Zoo for a few years. We visited the zoo as youngsters and now we will share our love for animals and conservation with our eight grandchildren,” mentioned Diane Shrewsbury, a long-time supporter, volunteer and Board member of Woodland Park Zoo. “We’re honored to have the chance to call a sloth bear cub. Our hope is to go away behind a greater place for future generations and shield all residing creatures.”

The brother and sister duo had been born on New 12 months’s Day to first-time mother Kushali (kuu-SHAW-lee) and pop Bhutan (boo-TAHN). As a result of sloth bears are solitary animals (aside from mating and mother and cubs), dad lives individually from them.

Since their beginning, Lila and Madhu had been residing in an off-view maternity den, however not too long ago have been having fun with quick excursions in Banyan Wilds’ public outside habitat. “Mother Kushali is steadily gaining confidence in being outdoor along with her cubs, so initially they could solely be out for brief durations,” mentioned Kim Szawan, an animal care supervisor at Woodland Park Zoo. “As Kushali turns into safer outdoor and the cubs achieve extra footing in navigating the outside habitat, guests ought to be capable of see the cubs more and more extra beginning early subsequent week. In the meantime, the cubs are being cubs—lovable and mischievous!”

To enhance the welfare for the sloth bears, upgrades had been not too long ago made to the exhibit resembling synthetic climbing buildings for the rambunctious cubs to climb, soar and play. Amongst all bear species, sloth bears are the one mothers that carry cubs on their again till the cubs are 6 to 9 months outdated.

Sloth bears reside in forests and grasslands in Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. A susceptible species, the survival of sloth bears is challenged by conflicts with people and animals for house and meals brought on by deforestation, the bear elements commerce to be used in conventional Asian medicines and fragmented populations.




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