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March’s Winner is The Northern Flicker!


Meet the Northern Flicker, a loud, flashy, and daring woodpecker that forages totally on the bottom, not like most woodpeckers (watch your step!). You might also see these vibrant birds swooping overhead, streaking the sky with vibrant purple or gold inside wings.

Northern Glints drum on laborious surfaces for communication—not only for dinner. Chances are you’ll certainly hear considered one of these noisy birds earlier than you see them, calling or rapping their distinctive, barely curved beaks on something from gutters to roofs to metallic indicators so as to assert their dominance and defend their nesting territory. 

Mating season brings one other form of show, as stunning and brazen males will showcase for potential females by ‘fencing’ with their beaks, pointing them skyward and swinging their heads forwards and backwards whereas making distinctive ‘wicka wicka wicka’ sounds.

Although comparatively widespread, lack of habitat and habitat degradation, to not point out a scarcity of nesting websites, imply that Northern Glints may definitely use our assist. Learn on to study extra about these fascinating birds and how one can assist them reach an more and more human-developed world. 

Bodily options

Northern Glints are giant birds with black scalloped plumages. They’ve lengthy beaks and are coated with black spots. The Northern Flicker is among the few migratory North American woodpeckers. The 2 types during which the chook is available in are Yellow-shafted Glints and Crimson-shafted sparkles. Yellow-shafted sparkles are typically discovered within the Northeast whereas Crimson-shafted Glints are principally current within the West. Nevertheless, each are likely to migrate to the South through the winter months with a couple of remaining within the North. 

The brown woodpeckers are usually discovered singly or in pairs. Nonetheless, they collect in giant unfastened teams through the winter or migration. All woodpeckers profit from the flexibility to extract and spear bugs and different dwelling issues in wooden. Nevertheless, the Flicker’s tongue is totally different as it’s extra-long, extending as much as two inches previous the tip of the beak. Sometimes, each women and men have purple nape crescents making it laborious to tell apart the 2 from a distance.

Enjoyable information

  • The 2 types of Glints had been as soon as thought-about to be separate species. They’re now acknowledged as one.
  • The oldest identified Yellow-shafted Northern Flicker is a male of 9 years outdated.
  • The oldest identified Crimson-shafted Northern Flicker is an 8-year-old male. 
  • Not like different woodpeckers, Glints are very generally discovered on the bottom, permitting them to make use of their lengthy invoice to probe into anthills and soils.

Habitat and nesting

These woodpeckers are likely to dwell in open forests, groves, woodlots, and semi-open countrysides. They will also be present in moist habitats together with swamps and streamside woods. Nonetheless, it’s positively not unusual to search out them in cities and cities because of their vast habitat vary. Actually, Northern Glints have vastly suffered from habitat loss, particularly brought on by a normal lack of nesting websites because of anthropogenic components. One other issue inflicting habitat loss and degradation for Northern Glints is competitors for nesting websites from different cavity-nesting chook species. Spring heatwaves and wildfires because of local weather change also can turn out to be threats to habitat and nesting websites of Northern Glints. 

Nests are normally positioned 6 to fifteen ft off the bottom however have been raised as much as 100 ft above the bottom. Northern Glints are likely to nest holes in diseased or lifeless bushes because of their capacity to be simply excavated. With regards to nest excavation, though each sexes are concerned, males normally do a lot of the labour. Male Glints are answerable for establishing and defending their nesting territories by repeatedly aggressively drumming on resonant surfaces similar to wooden. With regards to parenting, each mother and father are accountable for feeding the younger and proceed to take action till their offspring turns into unbiased sufficient to collect their very own meals. Feeding is finished by regurgitation. Younger woodpeckers have a tendency to depart the nest about 4 weeks after hatching. 

Attracting a Northern Flicker

There are methods you may assist Northern Glints beginning in your individual yard. As beforehand talked about, Northern Glints could be generally present in city areas. Due to this fact, they will simply be present in your native backyards and birdbaths. Nest containers can be utilized to draw a breeding pair in your yard previous to breeding season. These are methods to help birds that battle from habitat loss because of shortages in locations to nest. Actually, birdhouses don’t have to be restricted to backyards and will also be positioned in schoolyards, farms, parks, orchards, and lots of different locations.

Cities throughout Canada are doing the work to make their buildings chook pleasant. Discover out extra about how one can make your metropolis a Chook Pleasant Metropolis.




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