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Pause, Relaxation, Be: Liminal House – Wanderlust


The next is an excerpt from Octavia Raheem’s new ebook, Pause, Relaxation, Be: Stillness Practices for Braveness in Instances of Change (Shambhala). Be part of us on Mon, Feb 14 as we host an IG LIVE on @wanderlustfest with Octavia and Wanderlust TV information, Ona Hawk, in celebration of Octavia’s ebook launch.

What about when now just isn’t an ending or a starting? If each locations are uncomfortable and unsure, the area in between can really feel like whole annihilation. Like falling right into a canyon: extensive, deep, empty, and full. But, it might probably really feel like a sliver and simple to overlook if we bypass or rush by it—the liminal.

Carols of sunshine and darkness collect and sing on this place. Not songs of grief or pleasure. Ecstasy or ache. Love or hate. Songs with extra silence than phrases. Songs that pause to pay attention inward for tears, laughter, worry, bewilderment, despair, longing to find out if the following pulsation might be quiet or filled with sound.

When now just isn’t an finish or a starting, it’s the center of a highway. This place is to not be confused with the half level as a result of our vacation spot is hid, and we don’t understand how far we now have come or how far we now have to go. The modes of journey that we now have relied on are not dependable. Normalcy is suspended. Now we have been hurled into area with no promise of the way in which we are going to return or if returning is even attainable.

As soon as we’ve entered this portal that exists between “not” and “not but,” the liminal area, an initiation is underway. This can be a veiled place the place the world we thought we knew vanishes, and there may be nothing on the horizon as a result of the horizon has been swallowed by time. Hidden. Mysterious. Unknown of cosmic proportions.


photograph by Bankim Desai

Like caterpillars making their method towards their cocoon, we now have crawled our method by endings. But it’s unclear what we have gotten.

Caterpillars should enter a liminal area to develop their wings. In that area, they actually dissolve into goop. In that soup of slime, there are cells that may turn into the magnificent factor that kisses flowers in bloom—a butterfly. These cells are referred to as “imaginal cells.” The thriller of imaginal cells is that they aren’t assigned to something upfront. They could turn into a watch, a wing, or an antenna. What each single cell will turn into can’t be decided throughout the caterpillar. It should disintegrate first.

It should utterly break down and turn into unrecognizable to itself and the world.

Between endings and beginnings, our outdated self vanishes.

Our imaginative and prescient is usually challenged in liminal areas. It’s the place we should discover ways to see at nighttime. Our eyes have to regulate to the radiance inside our shadows and the tenebrosity that dwells in our gentle.

Pause Rest Be

photograph by LC Morrissette

Right here we’re at a departure and arrival level. Exhaustedly realizing that what labored up to now won’t work right here on this atmosphere. It’s messy, and we could cry quite a bit. Every tear is an imaginal cell. We could endlessly sigh. Every breath is an imaginal cell. We could writhe, rage, moan, and kick about. Every motion unleashes an imaginal cell. We could crouch within the nook, afraid to maneuver. We are going to most undoubtedly lie on our sides, curl into ourselves, and name on all that’s sacred to see us by. Relaxation and stillness permit the imaginal cells to slowly type into the signposts, paths, and vessels that time us ahead.

Or maybe we’re the imaginal cell throughout the nice organism of humanity. Now we have been deconstructed as a way to put ourselves again collectively in a method that not solely heals us but in addition our households, group, and world.

Both method, liminal area holds imaginal cells. With out it, there are not any beginnings. No metamorphosis or transformation. With out it, we now have no wings to rise.

Beloved, as we drop beneath the floor of what’s recognized, we enter a spot of chance. A spot the place the one factor I’m positive of is that this: I have no idea what this a part of the trail holds. I do know that we’re held.

The whole lot and nothing exists right here.

From Pause, Relaxation, Be: Stillness Practices for Braveness in Instances of Change by Octavia F. Raheem © 2022 by Octavia F. Raheem. Reprinted in association with Shambhala Publications, Inc. Boulder, CO.

Octavia Raheem

Octavia Raheem is a mom, writer, yoga instructor and practitioner, and activist. She has acquired nationwide consideration for her work coaching yoga academics and diversifying the yoga and wellness business. Her work as a yoga skilled focuses on sensible instruments to show people how one can handle stress, nervousness, and fatigue by yoga and meditation in a method that’s accessible to all ranges/skills, and restorative to the nervous system. Her work has been featured in Yoga Journal, Mantra magazineProperly + Good, CNNWXIAand Atlanta Journal. Octavia’s first ebook, Collect, was revealed in 2020.

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