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Pleasure As First Child Aardvark Is Born At Chester Zoo


An cute aardvark has been born at Chester Zoo for the primary time within the charity’s 90-year historical past.

ZConservationist Dave White is helping to hand rear the new calf  prodiving around-the-clock care (9)

Conservationists on the zoo have been “overjoyed” to find the brand new arrival snuggled up with mum Oni (8) and pa Koos (6) after it had been born in a single day on 4 January.

The aardvark calf  nicknamed Dobby  is being hand reared by experts at Chester Zoo who are providing around-the-clock care (14)

The calf, born with massive droopy ears, hairless wrinkled pores and skin and big claws, is at the moment being hand-reared each night by zookeepers who’re offering devoted care, feeding the newborn each few hours by the night time for round 5 weeks, to assist it acquire energy.

The first aardvark to ever be born at Chester Zoo  nicknamed Dobby  snuggles up with new mum Oni (23)

The intercourse of the brand new calf is but to be decided however employees have nicknamed the teen Dobby resulting from its resemblance to the much-loved Harry Potter character.

Aardvarks are native in sub-Saharan Africa the place they’re threatened by habitat loss on account of agricultural growth, which additionally carry them into battle with native farmers. They’re additionally hunted for his or her meat.

Dave White, Crew Supervisor on the zoo, mentioned:

“That is the very first aardvark to be born on the zoo and so it’s a momentous landmark for us and an actual trigger for celebration. We’re overjoyed.

“As quickly as we noticed the brand new child subsequent to mum we observed its uncanny resemblance to the Harry Potter character, Dobby, and in order that’s the calf’s nickname in the interim! We received’t although know for sure whether or not it’s male or feminine for a number of extra weeks till the calf is a bit older. 

“Aardvark dad and mom are infamous for being a bit clumsy round their newborns. With the newborn being so tiny and fragile, we’re subsequently defending it from any unintentional knocks and bumps by serving to mum out with supplementary feeding classes all through the night time, simply till the calf is a bit stronger. So, within the night, when the dad and mom are out exploring and feeding, we rigorously place the calf right into a particular incubator and take it house to feed with heat milk each few hours. The calf then spends the daytime bonding and snuggled up with mum Oni inside her burrow – they usually’re each doing nice collectively.”

With solely 66 aardvarks present in zoos throughout Europe, and a mere 109 in zoos worldwide, Chester is one in every of only a small variety of zoos caring for the species.

Mark Brayshaw, Curator of Mammals on the zoo, added:

“Aardvarks are fairly secretive creatures, that are largely solely ever lively in darkness, and so some elements of how they go about their lives stay comparatively unknown. Caring for species like aardvarks in zoos permits us to study extra about them – how they dwell, their behaviours and their biology. All of this data is then shared with different main conservation zoos and helps to raised inform our efforts to protect their numbers.

“This new calf joins a conservation breeding programme that solely a handful of zoos are a part of globally.”

The phrase aardvark interprets to “earth pig” within the language of Afrikaans. The nocturnal animals use their lengthy noses and eager sense of odor to smell out ants and termites, which they lap up with a protracted tongue measuring as much as 25cm, coated in sticky saliva. Aardvarks use their highly effective claws to tear open termite mounds, in addition to to dig underground burrows through which they sleep.

This spring, Chester Zoo’s new marketing campaign, Uncover One thing New, will throw an essential highlight on uncommon and lesser identified species, like aardvarks. For extra, go to:




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