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Signs, Causes and Efficient Remedies- HealthifyMe


Many individuals might expertise constipation in some unspecified time in the future in life. For instance, you might expertise constipation if you don’t eat sufficient dietary fibre and drink ample quantities of fluids. It could actually additionally happen as a result of irregular or uncommon defecation habits. Not having bowel actions for a number of days will trigger stomach discomfort and hurt your well being.

Though constipation is sort of widespread, power constipation could be a concern. It could happen as a result of distinct causes similar to stool passing via the colon slowly, dehydration, meals shifting slowly via the digestive tract, and extra. This text will element the causes, signs, and coverings for constipation.

Varied house treatments can help in easing constipation, similar to consuming apple cider vinegar. Nonetheless, if the house treatments aren’t useful and the constipation is power, it’s advisable to hunt skilled assist.

What’s Constipation?

Constipation is a gastrointestinal tract dysfunction or drawback that results in rare stools (lower than three stools per week) or ache and stiffness within the stool passage. Persistent constipation might result in the impaction of the gut, which can even require surgical procedure.

Facets that will end result within the emergence of constipation in a person embrace modifications in food regimen, colonic motility, day by day behaviours, organic and different pharmaceutical components. Research present that round a median of 16% of adults worldwide have constipation. Moreover, constipation is prevalent amongst 33.5% of adults (aged 60-110 years).


Merely the bowel motion can not decide whether or not you’ve gotten constipation or not. It’s as a result of every particular person has completely different bowel habits. A number of the vital signs of constipation are:

  • Passing stools lower than thrice per week.
  • Having stools which might be exhausting, dry, or lumpy.
  • Going via ache or pressure whereas stooling.
  • Feeling full even after stools.
  • Not with the ability to go stool utterly.

Different signs of constipation that require in search of medical recommendation embrace:

  • Presence of blood within the stool.
  • Persistent ache within the decrease again.
  • Cramping and ache within the stomach.
  • Sudden modifications in bowel actions.
  • Vomiting or fever.
  • Sudden weight reduction.
  • Feeling bloated

The Causes of Constipation

The individual’s colon absorbs water from the meals consumed. The left over materials after the water and vitamins are absorbed is named stool or feces. This will get saved within the rectum which is a dilated sac like construction of the intestines, earlier than it will get excreted from the physique. Nonetheless, if it doesn’t get excreted from the colon for an extended time, you’ll have bowel difficulties.

You might also face difficulties if the colon absorbs an excessive amount of water from the stool, making it dry. On this case, the stool turns into too exhausting and painful to go. Constipation can also happen when the waste materials (stool) slowly strikes via your digestive system. The slower it strikes, the more durable it’ll grow to be to go stools.

Let’s talk about the causes of constipation intimately beneath:

Food plan

One of many main causes of constipation is an absence of fiber in your food regimen. If you don’t eat ample quantities of fiber-containing meals similar to greens, fruits and drink much less water, you’ll have extra possibilities of experiencing constipation. 

The reason being easy; a excessive fiber food regimen leads to elevated stool weight, resulting in a decreased time of colon transiting. Then again, a low fibre food regimen does the alternative and leads to constipation. Research have proven {that a} excessive fiber food regimen solely helps people who’ve regular colonic features and transit time. Those that present a delayed colonic transit time, don’t profit from a excessive fiber food regimen. Nonetheless, it received’t profit sufferers with constipation and delayed colonic transit.


A number of the medical circumstances or illnesses that result in constipation embrace:

  • Mechanically, you might expertise constipation because of the rectal, colon and anal stricture. Moreover, it could even be as a result of intestinal pseudo-obstruction and megacolon rectocele. Moreover, diverticulosis, injured tissues.
  • Metabolic or endocrine circumstances like porphyria, being pregnant, hypothyroidism, hypercalcemia, diabetes mellitus, and hyperthyroidism
  • Melancholy, consuming problems, anxiousness, and different associated psychological circumstances
  • Myopathic problems like amyloidosis and scleroderma
  • Neurological problems embrace Parkinson’s illness, paraplegia, spinal twine damage, spina bifida, stroke, and autonomic neuropathy
  • Anal circumstances similar to haemorrhoids, anal strictures, and anal fissures might delay the stool elimination course of leading to power constipation. It outcomes from the ache that you could be undergo throughout faecal excretion.
  • Inside stenosis might end result from most cancers or causes associated to it. For instance, tumours, intestinal radiation, colorectal most cancers, and many others., might result in constipation. It could additionally happen as a result of intestinal lots, sigmoid or cecal volvulus, inflammatory, and ischemic or surgical stenosis.
  • Connective tissue problems like lupus
  • Folks having the Hirschsprung illness can also get constipation as they’re extra inclined to it.


Several types of medicines can also result in constipation. Therefore, be certain that you don’t use these medicines above the secure restrict.

  • Anticholinergic medication similar to Hyoscine
  • Antipyretic medication like codeine and morphine
  • Antipsychotics similar to clozapine and haloperidol
  • Antidepressants like fluoxetine and imipramine
  • Meals dietary supplements with calcium and iron
  • Medicine used for lipid-lowering and blood pressure-lowering
  • Antioxidants, antihistamines, muscle relaxants, and anti-ulcer medication
  1. Different widespread causes 
  • Older age: Analysis reveals that senior adults with cognitive impairment, much less dietary fibre consumption, and lowered mobility are extra vulnerable to constipation.
  • Dehydration: Lack of fluid or insufficient fluid consumption might result in constipation, as per research.
  • Much less frequent workout routines.
  • Journey or related routine modifications

Aid And Therapy

Some methods might assist ease constipation. The easiest way can be to vary your food regimen and bodily actions. It could enable you to deal with and even get reduction from constipation. Check out the next strategies for optimistic outcomes:

  • Limiting or avoiding alcohol/caffeine consumption as these drinks result in dehydration.
  • Ingesting an elevated quantity of fluids for hydrating your self prevents stool from drying.
  • Growing fibre-rich meals consumption by consuming uncooked greens, fruits, beans, complete grain, bran cereal, and prunes might assist. Therefore, you need to make your day by day fibre consumption between 20-25 grams.
  • Growing your train ranges to round 150 minutes of reasonable train per week.
  • Passing stool as quickly as you’ve gotten the urge to have bowel actions.
  • Slicing down on low fibre meals like milk, cheese, meat, and different processed meals
  • Get used to having bowel actions round 15-45 minutes earlier than breakfast via bowel coaching (Chances are you’ll take assist from a physician).
  • Ask your medical healthcare skilled and take laxatives as per their strategies. Nonetheless, don’t use them greater than twice per week with out directions from a doctor.
  • Take prescribed remedy and medicines from a medical healthcare skilled for alleviating constipation. 

Medicines for Constipation

You too can check out sure medicines beneficial by your doctor (similar to laxatives) and the aforementioned therapies in the event that they alone don’t present fruitful outcomes.

  • Take stool softeners like Surfak and Colace.
  • Devour fibre dietary supplements.
  • Use lubricants like mineral oil.
  • Take assist from stimulants like Senokot.
  • Use osmotic brokers like Milk of Magnesia.

Prescription Medicine for Constipation

A number of medicinal medication might enable you along with your constipation points. Such prescribed drugs embrace:

  • Prucalopride: It assists in growing bowel actions by engaged on the colon partitions, which results in elevated stooling.
  • Lubiprostone: It permits your stool to go effortlessly by growing the fluid ranges in your bowels.
  • Linaclotide or Plecanatide makes bowel actions extra frequent by rushing up meals passage via the gastrointestinal tract and growing fluid ranges in your intestines.

Different therapies

  • Surgical elimination of the hardened stools: It happens in long-term constipation. (power instances)
  • Biofeedback remedy for retraining your muscle tissues
  • Handbook elimination of faeces for elevated reduction
  • An enema.
  • Long run therapies similar to IBS (for power circumstances)

How To Forestall Constipation Effectively?

You too can stop constipation via particular practices. These are much like the methods that you just use for relieving constipation.

  • Analysis means that ingesting roughly 1.5-2 litres of water per day is helpful. Ingesting extra water is an effective way to alleviate and stop constipation.
  • Devour extra high-fibre meals as instructed by your healthcare skilled (approx. 25 grams as per analysis)
  • Train recurrently and keep energetic.
  • Eat extra greens, fruits, and complete grains.
  • Adapt your self to the behavior of utilizing the restroom day-after-day on the identical time.
  • Keep away from caffeine and alcohol to stop dehydration.
  • Attempt to handle your stress ranges.
  • Don’t attempt to management the urge to defecate. As an alternative, attend to nature’s calls instantly.

Research present that fibre-rich meals can enhance intestinal peristalsis and enhance faecal weight. As well as, all these meals act as pure laxatives that stop constipation.

Useful Indian Residence Cures For Constipation

If the same old treatments aren’t understanding for you, you may check out Indian ayurvedic treatments for constipation. The standard natural elements and different cures which you can strive embrace:

1. Ginger

Ginger is a superb digestive support, as per a analysis assessment. It could actually assist in lowering the stress in your decrease intestines. Throughout constipation, this lowered stress may also help you’ve gotten a bowel motion. Ginger is secure for all, whether or not pregnant, nursing, or baby.

Approach to make use of 

Slice the basis of the ginger into small items and slowly chew it. If it isn’t good in your tastebuds, then you might brew ginger tea or simply boil it a bit and drink the ginger water.

2. Triphala

One other Indian natural treatment you may strive for constipation is Triphala. It’s the mixture of Belleric myrobalan (Bibhitaki), Indian gooseberry (Amalaki), and Black myrobalan (Haritaki). It acts as a gentle laxative together with its antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties.

Haritaki helps in loosening stools. Amalaki accommodates cooling properties that cut back irritation and funky down your abdomen’s inside lining. Bibhitaki accommodates dietary fibres that ease constipation as they’re digestive brokers.

Methods to make use of

You should buy the natural combination of Triphala that is available in powder, liquid, or tablet type.

3. Lemon Water

As lemon is a citrus fruit, it accommodates excessive fibre and vitamin C ranges, which can stimulate your bowel motion. Therefore, individuals use it as a solution to struggle towards constipation. It’s secure, and anybody can use this selfmade treatment.

Methods to make use of

Combine freshly-squeezed lemon juice with some heat water and slowly sip on it (within the morning). It’s best to keep hydrated by consuming water recurrently all through the day.

4. Senna Tea

Senna Tea is another choice. It’s a natural combination made up of flowers of crops throughout the legume household. Though these crops are globally current, a specific kind is cultivated in India. It has unbelievable well being advantages.

These leaves assist in preventing constipation as they comprise Sennosides. These compounds assist in triggering your digestive tract, which stimulates bowel motion. Nonetheless, if you’re nursing, pregnant, taking steroids, or having blood thinners, you need to keep away from this treatment. If you happen to use Senna tea extensively, it could result in damages to your digestive tract.

Methods to make use of

You should buy the senna tea luggage or leaves and brew them like common tea. 

Constipation: Prognosis

You probably have power constipation or standard therapies are usually not serving to ease your issues, it’s time to go for skilled remedy. While you go to a physician, they diagnose your constipation primarily based on various factors. For instance, they are going to ask questions concerning your medical historical past. Then, they are going to bodily study you, ask about household medical historical past and will even write down some assessments for an entire analysis.

At first, your physician or healthcare skilled will do the next:

  • Ask about your well being historical past, for instance, if you happen to had surgical procedure within the digestive tract.
  • Ask whether or not you had alterations in your weight.
  • Will ask about completely different well being circumstances like medicines (together with dietary supplements, various, and complementary medicines) you’re going via, signs, or any underlying circumstances.
  • They may ask about your consuming habits and bodily exercise ranges.
  • Could carry out a blood check to check your electrolytes, blood rely, and thyroid operate.
  • Carry out a bodily examination together with a rectal examination.

Other than this, there are particular different assessments to establish constipation that embrace:

1. Colorectal Transit Research

Colorectal transit research are bowel operate assessments that professionals carry out to grasp your bowel actions. This check helps perceive how the meals strikes via the colon of a physique.

To undergo this check, you’ll have to take a tablet that accommodates markers. The markers can be seen on the x-ray. Then the skilled will carry out a number of stomach X-rays for 3-7 days. It can enable them to visualise how the meals motion takes place in your colon and whether or not your intestinal muscle tissues work adequately or not. You might also need to eat high-fibre meals through the assessments.

2. Barium Enema X-ray

The healthcare skilled can also study your colon via a barium enema X-ray. It’s a check for diagnosing constipation. This check requires you to drink a particular liquid. It’s a must to drink it an evening earlier than the check as it can assist clear out your bowel.

The skilled will insert barium (a dye) in your rectum via a lubricated tube through the check. The barium will make the colon and the rectum space extra seen throughout an X-ray.

3. Anorectal Manometry

You will have to take the anorectal manometry check. It permits the healthcare skilled to judge the operate of your anal sphincter muscle. Throughout this check, the medical healthcare skilled will insert a catheter (a small versatile tube) having a balloon at its finish contained in the anal opening. Then, the skilled will insert it until it reaches the rectum.

After that, the healthcare skilled will inflate the balloon. Later, the skilled will pull it out to grasp the muscle power of your anal sphincter. It can even enable you perceive whether or not your muscle tissues contract correctly or not.

4. Colonoscopy

One other check useful for diagnosing constipation is colonoscopy. The healthcare skilled will use a colonoscope to look at your colon on this check. This tube additionally has a digital camera and lightweight supply.

The healthcare skilled will provide you with a sedative and ache medication to keep away from ache through the check. Additionally, you will have to remain on a liquid-only food regimen (for 1-3 days) to arrange for the check. Moreover, you may additionally need to filter out your bowel both via a laxative or enema.


Constipation is a standard well being concern that will happen as a result of sure circumstances like modifications in food regimen, medical circumstances, dehydration, and lots of different components.

Probably the most environment friendly solution to clear up the difficulty of constipation is to check out house treatments which embrace elevated fibre consumption, common train, staying hydrated, and many others. Nonetheless, if these strategies don’t work, you may as well check out Indian house treatments for constipation as they’re ayurvedic and natural cures.

Nonetheless, constipation might not resolve by these strategies, and signs might worsen. For instance, this may increasingly trigger ache within the rectum or anal openings or the absence of bowel actions for longer. In that case, you need to speak to a medical skilled. They may also help you with particular medical therapies after analysis and give you acceptable treatment.

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