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Sunday ebook assessment – The Birds are our Buddies by Yessengali Raushanov – Mark Avery


That is an fascinating ebook – a translation of a ebook by the Kazakh poet Yessengali Raushanov who died final 12 months.

The ebook is organised by species, over 30 species of chicken, lots of that are acquainted to a UK viewers, with a couple of further bird-related essays included too. One learns one thing of the folklore, historical past and current of Kazakhstan from this ebook and one thing of birds too. I loved the insights into a rustic that I fairly hanker after visiting, as a lot as, or most likely greater than, the content material about birds. That’s not a criticism of the chicken content material, however it’s quirky. The ebook is illustrated however not essentially with the suitable species to suit the textual content. Does this matter? Most likely not, however the Widespread Swift textual content is illustrated with Swallows such because the one on the ebook’s cowl.

There’s a story a couple of younger lady who was swimming in a lake, and was such a superb swimmer that she was given the nickname Dipper, after which we be taught one thing of Dippers. I beloved the combination. And tales in regards to the impacts of Bittern songs, and Quails, and tales of Pheasants of their pure habitats all held my consideration. Which chicken was once a pink eagle and helped defeat a military of elephants by dropping stones on them?

I loved this ebook drastically, however the chicken content material was, in some methods, of secondary significance to the tales of land sprinkled with quotes and sayings from historic instances together with from the Quran. Besides that the birds grounded these tales as a result of I do know extra about birds than I do about Kazakhs, Uzbeks and Chinese language. The Skylarks which go to the steppes in spring and summer season sounded very very like the Skylarks that hover over our fields and in some ways they appear to imply the identical to this creator and his countrymen as they do to many people. Birds have just about the identical traits wherever you discover them and so, it appears, do individuals, even individuals dwelling very completely different lives with very completely different histories and beliefs.

The quilt – barely uninspiring, I’ll give it 5/10.

The Birds are our Buddies by Yessengali Raushanov is printed by Whittles Publishing.

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