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Take the stress out of cat-to-cat introduction


Bringing dwelling a brand new cat to affix one other feline in your house? Including an unfamiliar cat to an present cat’s dwelling could be irritating for each animals, however there are some steps you may take to assist them combine into their new dwelling and socialize. The bottom line is to slowly combine new smells, give them time alone to discover their new atmosphere and supply them with their very own house. 

Arrange a separate house

Have a separate house arrange to your new cat that your present cat won’t have entry to. Guarantee it has all of the requirements your cat will want: meals, water, litter field, place to cover, place to perch, toys and treats. 

Ensure that your cat at house is put right into a separate room if you arrive dwelling together with your new feline buddy. This can enable your new cat to discover their new environment on their very own, at their tempo.

Begin with the house that you just arrange for them. Then introduce your new cat to 1 new house at time, permitting them time to research, to allow them to modify to the brand new scents and atmosphere. 

Utilizing scents to your benefit 

Utilizing a pheromone-based plug in and or spray reminiscent of Feliway™ (CEVA) can assist to scale back stress-induced behaviours by sending calming indicators to the cats. This can be a useful gizmo to make use of to assist ease the transition interval of bringing a brand new cat dwelling.  

Different techniques embrace mixing scents. This can enable the cats to change into acquainted with the opposite with out being intimidated by the opposite cat’s bodily presence. With each cats separated in several rooms, give every cat a blanket or mattress with the opposite’s scent on it. Don’t place the merchandise close to any sources that the cat must entry (e.g. meals, litter, mattress space), because the cat could keep away from these locations. 

As soon as each the cats appear snug with the merchandise, contemplate having the cats meet with a barrier between them (a child gate, for instance) to allow them to safely see and scent one another. 

Quick introductions in a impartial room

When your new cat has acclimatized to the brand new dwelling atmosphere and has change into snug with the opposite cat’s scent now you can contemplate a cat-to-cat introduction. Ideally, the cats ought to meet in a special room than they’ve been saved in to attempt to lower any territorial behaviours. Ensure that there are hiding spots, toys and ideally a excessive perch within the introduction room.

Make the meet and greet is as optimistic as doable. Give treats and/or consideration to each cats instantly upon being moved into the brand new room. When introducing each cats, they need to be always monitored for any indicators of concern, nervousness or stress, together with hissing, vocalizations, hiding and/or aggression.

Place the cats as far aside as you may within the impartial house and permit them to strategy one another when they’re snug. Enable them time to wander, sniff, work together with one another. Monitoring and optimistic reinforcement is necessary throughout this introduction part.

The preliminary meet and greet ought to be brief. After some interactions with one another, separate them once more and proceed the method once more after a while. The primary assembly will not be profitable, which can imply that each the cats may have extra time to acclimatize to the opposite cat’s scent and get snug of their new atmosphere. 

Look ahead to indicators of stress

You will need to monitor the cats for indicators of emotional stress, particularly in the course of the first days or even weeks. Should you discover any of those indicators, enable for extra space and separation from one another. Physique language indicators to observe for embrace: 

  • Being extremely reluctant to maneuver concerning the room 
  • Flattening ears and/or physique (if this happens enable the cat to have the ability to stand up excessive or to a hiding place)
  • An arched again, fur could also be standing up and twisting their physique to the aspect 
  • Urination or defecation out of the litter field
  • Yowling, extreme vocalizations, hissing
  • Swatting on the different cat
  • Pacing 

Having two cats could be an enriching expertise for them, and a few cats actually admire having a buddy. Persistence and gradual integration is essential, and it might take time earlier than each cats change into snug with one another.  

For extra data on stress discount strategies, a number of cat housing suggestions, enrichment and socialization and cat behaviour go to 




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