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The Full Information To Chakra Symbols And Their Which means



Every of the first seven chakras has varied associations, akin to colours, components, and sounds. Nonetheless, the chakra symbols are most likely probably the most eye-catching affiliation and a standard sight in yoga studios, new age shops, and different spirituality practices.

At first look, it’s obscure what a chakra image means. However as you dive deeper into the intriguing world of the chakra system, you’ll begin to unravel the wealthy which means behind these indicators. So, learn on to study what every chakra image means and why their significance is necessary.

What Are Chakra Symbols?

Though there isn’t a scientific proof to show the chakra’s existence, it’s believed that there are seven major chakras that run alongside the backbone, from the tailbone to the highest of the top. Every of the seven chakras represents distinctive qualities and energies. 

The chakra symbols are a type of sacred geometry, combining imagery, geometric shapes, Sanskrit letters, and colours. They characterize every chakra’s vitality and have wealthy religious which means, too.

So, the place did the chakra symbols come from? The shapes within the chakra symbols hint again to the 5 symbols of Yagna used throughout Vedic rituals. The 5 symbols of Yagna are sq., circle, triangle, half-moon, and dumpling.

A simple strategy to spot the image for a selected chakra is by shade. The chakra colours are:

As proven under, you’ll typically see chakra symbols with their related Sanskrit seed sound; nevertheless, they aren’t current in all representations.

The 7 Chakra Symbols And Their Which means

One factor you’ll spot in every of the seven chakra symbols is a circle. Circles characterize steady motion and the cyclical nature of vitality. Circle additionally represents unity and wholeness, and every chakra image comprises one, as when all our chakras are balanced, we really feel complete and harmonious. 

The Sanskrit phrase for chakra is “wheel,” because the vitality turns and spins like a wheel. As wheels are round, it appears very becoming that this form seems in every chakra image. 

Apart from the circle, the parts of every chakra image differ, Triangles are a standard prevalence, but their positioning determines the which means. Furthermore, every chakra image comprises petals, creating the picture of a lotus flower. The religious illustration of a lotus flower is rebirth, however the particular variety of petals one has additionally has its distinctive which means. Due to this fact, let’s discover every chakra image independently. 

Root Chakra Image 

The basis chakra is positioned on the base of the backbone. It’s answerable for our sense of security and safety in ourselves and the world round us. This heart helps us stay centered, grounded, and linked to our our bodies and the bodily realm. The Sanskrit title Muladhara interprets to “root,” “base,” or “basis.”

The everyday root chakra image consists of a downward-facing triangle inside a sq. inside a circle. On the surface, there are 4 petals.

  • The Inverted triangle represents pulling vitality downwards and is an alchemical image for earth, the component of this chakra. The triangle comprises the grounding vitality of the primary chakra, embodying the standard of stability. 
  • The sq. has 4 sides, and this quantity symbolizes foundations and a secure construction. A balanced root chakra serves as a gentle base to securely open the remainder of the chakras.
  • The 4 petals on the foundation chakra lotus symbolize stability and construction in addition to the 4 mind-states; Manas (thoughts), Buddhi (mind), Chitta (consciousness), and Ahamkara (ego). The four-petaled lotus as an entire signifies the start of human consciousness as a result of the foundation chakra is the place to begin. 
  • The colour purple pertains to self-awareness, serving to you reconnect to your physique and the earth. This dense shade will be related to rage, hazard, and violence, which might unbalance the foundation chakra. Nonetheless, a purple hue might help you redirect your consideration again to security.

Sacral Chakra Image

The sacral chakra is positioned within the decrease stomach, near the sexual organs. It’s the heart of our creativity, sexuality, and feelings. It governs our senses, emotions, and sexual experiences, and its component is water, representing the fluidity, circulate, and motion of our feelings. The Sanskrit title Svadhishthana interprets to position of the self.

The Sacral Chakra image consists of a number of circles, a crescent moon, and 6 petals on an orange lotus flower.

  • As talked about earlier, circles characterize the cyclical nature of start, dying, and rebirth. The sacral chakra amplifies this affiliation because it options a couple of circle. As a result of the sacral chakra and the water component are all about circulate, a balanced third chakra will assist you to go along with the ebbs and flows of life and keep in command of your feelings in making an attempt instances. 
  • The crescent moon on the backside of the internal circle is one other image of cycles, because the moon famously completes cycles each month. Due to this fact, it’s one other reminder that life comprises endless change and fixed motion, so good emotional well being is important. 
  • One other a part of the sacral chakra image which means is the six petals. They characterize the six unfavorable qualities it’s good to overcome to open and purify the second chakra; anger, jealousy, cruelty, hatred, pleasure, and need.
  • In shade psychology, orange is related to happiness and creativity, which hyperlinks to the Sacral Chakra’s qualities of enjoyment and self-expression. 

Photo voltaic Plexus Chakra Image

The photo voltaic plexus chakra sits about an inch above the stomach button within the higher stomach. It’s the heart of private energy, governing our self-image, confidence, braveness, and willpower. 

The Sanskrit title Manipura interprets to ‘metropolis of jewels.’ The photo voltaic plexus comprises the fireplace to take motion and make issues occur, and thus, this vitality heart is the keeper of the instruments to attain our desires. 

The photo voltaic plexus chakra consists of an inverted triangle inside a circle of 10 petals. 

  • The inverted triangle reveals that the photo voltaic plexus chakra works with the foundation and sacral chakras to tug vitality downwards in direction of the earth. That is notably sturdy within the photo voltaic plexus chakra, as a connection to the bodily realm is required to pursue your desires and obtain your life targets. 
  • The ten petals characterize the ten pranas in every of us (higher described as vitality currents or vibrations). 
  • Yellow is a shade of hope and positivity, linked to self-confidence, self-belief, and endurance. The hue has a reference to the component of fireside, and the solar, which additionally has fiery vitality.

Coronary heart Chakra Image

The center chakra is positioned within the heart of the chest according to the bodily coronary heart. This vitality heart is answerable for our capacity to like and present compassion to ourselves and others. It additionally comprises the constructive qualities of pleasure, gratitude, understanding, and forgiveness. 

Anahata in Sanskrit loosely interprets to “unstruck” or “unharmed,” referring to the Vedic idea of unstruck sound, the sound of the celestial realm. This chakra can be related to therapeutic, stability, and serenity. 

The Anahata chakra image consists of two intersecting triangles forming a six-pointed star inside a circle. Outdoors are 12 petals, making a inexperienced lotus flower.

  • The 2 intersecting triangles create a hexagram within the heart and a six-pointed star. These geometric shapes characterize the stability of yin and yang and bodily and religious. The center chakra is the bridge between the decrease three chakras and the higher three chakras, so it has an equal stability of higher transferring vitality and downward transferring vitality.
  • The twelve petals of the guts chakra image characterize the twelve constructive qualities related to this vitality heart; peace, bliss, love, concord, empathy, understanding, purity, readability, compassion, unity, forgiveness, and kindness.
  • The six-point star within the circle mixed with the 12 petals represents the 72,000 vitality channels or “Nadis” (6,000 x 12 = 72,000) that each human being has. That is one other reminder of the significance of the Anahata Chakra and the way its central place connects the entire energetic system.
  • The inexperienced shade represents therapeutic, stability, and tranquility. Nonetheless, inexperienced may signify envy or jealousy, that are a few of the traits of an unbalanced coronary heart chakra. 

Throat Chakra Image

The throat chakra sits on the heart of the throat (the entrance of the neck). It’s our heart of communication, permitting us to talk our fact, use our voice to precise our beliefs, opinions, and creativity, and hearken to others. 

The component of the throat chakra is air, which in astrology is the common image for mind and communication. The Sanskrit phrase Vishuddha means “purity,” as this vitality heart purifies our communication skills.

The throat chakra image consists of a circle inside an inverted triangle inside one other circle. Across the outer ring is 16 petals.

  • The inner-circle represents the total moon, the lunar part of resting, releasing, and letting go. 
  • The inverted triangle that comprises the total moon represents a channel to our consciousness and soul. Because the throat chakra is without doubt one of the higher chakras, the vitality begins to maneuver upwards, nearer to the religious realm.
  • The 16 petals vowels of Sanskrit. Sanskrit vowels have a light-weight and ethereal sound, referring to the easy high quality of communication you expertise with an open and well-balanced Vishuddha chakra. 
  • The sunshine blue shade pertains to purity, expression, and knowledge, three qualities that an open throat chakra brings. 
10037126 – detailed throat chakra vector illustration

Third Eye Chakra Image

The third eye chakra sits between the eyebrows and serves as our heart of instinct and creativeness. This vitality heart helps us spot indicators and omens from the universe, guiding us down the fitting path. It additionally permits us to hearken to our internal knowledge higher and is related to creativeness, notion, desires, and psychic skills. The Sanskrit title Ajna means “understand” or “past knowledge.”

The third eye chakra image incorporates a downward-facing triangle inside a circle and two petals.

  • Many variations of the third eye chakra image comprise the Om image within the circle’s heart. Om is the Bija mantra for the Ajna chakra, representing enlightenment and religious connection. 
  • The triangle factors downward to characterize that opening the decrease six chakras permits the third eye to open up.
  • The 2 petals characterize the 2 delicate vitality channels, Ida and Pingala, which journey up and down between the foundation chakra and the highest of the top. It symbolizes duality between the self and the divine.
  • The colour indigo displays knowledge and integrity and can be associated to devotion, which on this case, can characterize the religious connection being made.

Crown Chakra Image

The crown chakra sits simply above the highest of the top and seems as a floating ball (or crown) of vitality. It represents a divine connection linked to kundalini vitality that rises from the foundation chakra to the crown, leading to transcendence and enlightenment. For many individuals, that is probably the most difficult chakra to open.

  • The Sanskrit title Sahasrara interprets to “thousand-petaled,” so the crown chakra image comprises quite a few petals to characterize this. 
  • The circle on this image represents the total moon and completion of a cycle, symbolizing opening and awakening.
  • Purple is a mystical and magical shade that represents knowledge. White can be usually featured, symbolizing purity, rebirth, and oneness.
  • Many variations of the crown chakra image additionally embody the Om Bija within the heart of the circle to represent consciousness and connection to the divine.

Chakra Animal Symbols

Unknown to many, animals are additionally used as chakra symbolism. Every chakra has an related spirit animal that represents the ability and qualities of that vitality heart. Though the animals are usually not featured within the conventional chakra symbols, some modern-day variations embody them within the art work. 

In keeping with historic Hindu texts, these are the related animals for every chakra. 

  • Root Chakra (Muladhara) – Elephant: The elephant is an earthy animal that possesses protectiveness, glorious reminiscence, and the flexibility to cost by way of blockages. 
  • Sacral Chakra (Svadhishthana) – Crocodile: The illustration of a water animal like a crocodile is adaptability, creativity, and stability.
  • Photo voltaic Plexus Chakra (Manipura) – Ram: The highly effective ram has a robust will, a decided angle, and buckets of motivation
  • Coronary heart Chakra (Anahata) – Antelope: Antelopes characterize a pure coronary heart, sensitivity, empathy, and tenderness. 
  • Throat Chakra (Vishuddha) – White Elephant: White Elephants characterize pure and harmonizing communication. It’s mentioned that this magnificent animal makes use of inventive and imaginative methods to convey its ideas and concepts.
  • Third Eye Chakra (Ajna) – Black Antelope: This mystical animal represents exploring internal realms and journeying inside oneself. 
  • Crown Chakra (Sahasrara) – Unknown: There isn’t any point out of a spirit animal for the crown chakra in historic Hindu texts. 

Ultimate Ideas On Chakra Symbols

The chakra symbols, as described in historic Hindu texts, current us with the chance to deepen our data of those vitality facilities. These photos are usually not simply fairly colourful photos; they convey hidden messages concerning the seven chakras and their qualities. Why is that this necessary? As a result of the extra we study the language of the chakras, the higher our capacity to stability and align them. 




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