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The Newbie’s Information to Solar Salutations: 10 Minute Surya Namaskar Circulation


Should you’re in search of a fast but invigorating yoga move, a solar salutation sequence is actually the OG morning yoga ritual.

The surya namasakar, or solar salutation, sequence is among the oldest yoga traditions on the planet.

It probably dates again over 2,500 years!

It could actually take as little as 10 minutes and supply some spectacular advantages. Higher but, it’s easy and straightforward to recollect so that you don’t should depend on a yoga class to get you on the mat.

Excellent for warming sleepy muscular tissues within the morning, suyra namaskara actually interprets to “salute the solar”. Surya is Sanskrit for “solar” and can be the Hindu god because the solar.

Historical sun-worshipping cultures carried out the Surya namaskara sequence at dawn to arrange the thoughts and physique for all that the day would carry. And that was lengthy earlier than nerve-racking workplace jobs and limitless Zoom conferences!

Solar salutations are wanted within the modern-day greater than ever.

Even with solely 10 minutes of observe, this time-tested sequence is certain to quiet the thoughts and loosen up the physique.

Right here’s every little thing you want to learn about easy methods to do an energizing solar salutation move, together with a step-by-step information to every posture.

What’s a Solar Salutation (Surya Namaskar)?

Should you’ve been working towards yoga for awhile, chances are you’ll be vaguely conversant in surya namaskar with out even figuring out it.

Variations of solar salutations are the hallmark of Vinyasa yoga courses the place you utilize inhales and exhales to rhythmically transition from pose to pose with flowing actions.

The 12-pose sequence is a loop that lengthens and strengthens the physique from all angles. Very similar to the solar, this lovely sequence builds warmth within the physique and enlivens you with vitality to carry into no matter is subsequent.

Whereas there are just a few variations of surya namaskara, this text will stick with the basic “solar salutation A” sequence, which begins and ends in Mountain Pose. It’s the most conventional model and accessible for any expertise stage.

When you’ve got bother memorizing the sequence or simply favor a pleasant visible on the wall of your yoga room, chances are you’ll need to try this illustrated solar move wall artwork:

Advantages of Surya Namaskar

The normal solar salutation sequence is designed to construct warmth within the physique and act as a warm-up for meditation or an extended yoga move.

It will also be used as a stand-alone observe to squeeze in between lengthy intervals of sitting. Consider it like your morning espresso or afternoon pick-me-up.

Solar salutation has a spread of bodily and psychological well being advantages:

  • Increase vitality
  • Get a full physique exercise
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Heat up muscular tissues for more difficult poses
  • Construct muscle tone and energy
  • Keep a wholesome decrease again
  • Stretch your legs and arms
  • Enhance posture
  • Counteract the results of a sedentary way of life
  • Scale back stress
  • Enhance breath management
  • Helps insomnia
  • Aids in weight reduction

It’s additionally a full physique exercise! This historic move can be a good way to observe yoga for weight reduction.

Thirty minutes of surya namaskar can torch over 400 energy, placing it up there alongside operating and mountain climbing when it comes to hardcore train. After all this is determined by how arduous you push your self and what number of repetitions you do, but it surely’s a terrific reminder that yoga generally is a sweaty exercise that’s simply as efficient as hitting the health club.

However this move is extra than simply bodily train. Solar salutations can join you with a deeper religious core by serving to you quiet your thoughts and sync your physique actions together with your breath.

Should you actually need to connect with the traditional yogic custom, attempt working towards surya namaskar open air at dawn. We communicate from expertise once we say it’s virtually unimaginable to have a foul day for those who begin off flowing beneath the rising solar.

What are the 12 Steps of Surya Namaskar?

Solar salutation encompasses 7 asanas carried out in a cyclical order to create 12 postures in complete.

Prayer Pose (Pranamasana)

Surya namaskar begins in a variation of Mountain Pose together with your palms at coronary heart heart.

As you stand upright (ideally dealing with the rising solar), you start by rooting your ft into the bottom and calming your thoughts.

Maintain your weight evenly distributed between your feat, ankles touching, and backbone straight.

Discover your heart and produce your palms collectively in Anjali Mudra (additionally referred to as namaste or prayer palms).

Raised Arms Pose (Hasta Uttanasana)

On an inhale, step by step raise your arms out to the perimeters and up above your head with palm touching. Really feel your coronary heart opening as you attain in an upward salute to the solar.

Gaze barely upward and add a slight backbend for those who’d like, feeling your chest broaden and your neck loosen up.

Hand to Foot Pose (Hasta Padasana)

Slowly exhale your breath out as you fold ahead on the hips right into a standing ahead bend. Really feel your coronary heart attain towards your thighs and preserve your again straight, core engaged.

Maintain your legs robust and engaged by imagining your knees reaching towards your hips.

Launch any rigidity in your neck and let your head dangle down towards the ground.

The palms can relaxation or knees, shins, blocks, or- for those who’re versatile enough- straight on the ground.

Should you aren’t fairly prepared for full ahead folds, use yoga blocks or a strap to change this pose. It’s extra essential to maintain your backbone in a straight line than it’s to succeed in the ground.

Really feel the stretch in your hamstrings as your decrease again lengthens and releases.

On an inhale, observe a midway raise by maintaining your again flat and your fingertips on the ground or your shins.

Optionally available: Equestrian Pose (Ashwa Sanchalanasana)

On the subsequent exhale, place your palms flat on the mat and step again with the left foot right into a low lunge. Maintain the appropriate foot ahead and urgent into the ground.

Inhale as you broaden your chest ahead and look barely upward. Really feel the opening in your hip flexors deepen the bend within the entrance knee. Your left hamstring can even stretch as you push the heel away out of your physique.

Professional Tip: Some variations transfer by means of this low lunge, whereas others skip it and go straight into plank pose. Add the Equestrian Pose/low lunge if you need added hip opening and leg strengthening. The selection is yours!

Plank Pose (Dandasana/Phalakasana)

Exhale and step the appropriate foot again to satisfy the left. Right here you’ll pause on the prime of a push up together with your arms straight.

Ensure you are in correct alignment together with your shoulders stacked above your wrists and your ft hip-width aside.

Maintain your core engaged and gaze down or barely ahead, maintaining your neck lengthy and straight.

Plank Pose is great for bettering core and arm energy. If wanted, you possibly can decrease your knees to take any rigidity out of your low again.

Take a deep inhale and lengthen your again earlier than shifting into your low push-up.

Eight Factors Salute (Chaturanga)

On an exhale, bend your elbows and really slowly decrease your physique into 4 Limbed Workers Pose. That is essentially the most difficult posture of the sequence, so be sure you hone in in your higher physique energy and preserve every little thing engaged.

Hug your elbows to your ribcage till they make a proper angle. Your gaze is barely up and ahead as you flex your full physique from the guidelines of the toes as much as the shoulders.

Should you began together with your knees down in plank pose, preserve them there as you decrease your higher physique down and ahead.

Optionally available: Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana)

Some variations embrace a sluggish decreasing of the chest all the best way to the ground after which lifting into Cobra Pose.

If you wish to take this route, be sure you preserve your elbows bent and hugging in opposition to your ribs. Really feel your shoulder blades rolling again and down as you flex your arms and raise your chest ahead. The tops of the thighs will concurrently press into the bottom.

Upward Dealing with Canine Pose (Urdhva Mukha Svanasana)

At this level within the sequence you possibly can actually begin to move. Inhale and pull your chest up and ahead as you roll over your toes into Upward Dealing with Canine Pose.

You can be resting on the tops of your ft as you arch your again and look as much as the sky. Press the tops of your ft into the mat and preserve your legs engaged.

Really feel your shoulders roll again and your coronary heart open to the sky. Palms stay pushing in opposition to the ground with the arms engaged.

Downward Dealing with Canine (Adho Mukha Svanasana)

On subsequent exhale, raise your hips up and again into Downward Dealing with Canine pose. Press your heels down towards the bottom as you lengthen your hamstrings deeper this time. However don’t fear in case your heels don’t contact the mat! It’s the stretch that counts.

Attempt to unfold your fingers broad and press by means of your knuckles for a agency grip in your yoga mat. Really feel your backbone straighten and lengthen as you loosen up your neck.

Maintain Downward Dealing with Canine for just a few deep breaths. Your physique must be in an the other way up “V” form. On every inhale, lengthen and on every exhale, really feel your chest sinking deeper again towards your thighs.

This is among the greatest yoga poses for resting and recalibrating if the move will get too intense for you.

Equestrian Pose (Ashwa Sanchalanasana)

On the subsequent inhale, step your left foot ahead right into a low lunge. The correct leg must be stretched out and engaged behind you with the heel nonetheless lifted.

Hand to Foot Pose (Hasta Padasana)

Exhale and step your proper foot ahead to return to a standing ahead bend.

On the inhale, raise your chest midway and straighten your again to enter the half-lift.

You possibly can optionally return to a ahead bend and maintain for just a few breaths to essentially launch the decrease again and lengthen the hamstrings as you fold your torso nearer to your legs.

Raised Arms Pose (Hasta Uttanasana)

On an inhale, attain your arms straight out to your sides after which up overhead as you push by means of your legs to standing place.

You possibly can contact your palms collectively as you look as much as the sky or optionally carry them by means of coronary heart heart into prayer place.

Optionally available: Chair Pose (Utkatasana)

Along with your arms prolonged upwards, you possibly can add an additional leg and core problem by sitting again into Chair Pose for one or two breaths.

Mountain Pose (Tadasana)

On an inhale, rise to mountain pose. You possibly can carry your palms to prayer place or preserve the palms open to your facet.

From right here, you possibly can repeat the solar salutation 2-12 instances.

Relying on the depth and period of your yoga observe, chances are you’ll want to transfer at a extra meditative tempo or to make it a extra cardio-intensive exercise with fast flowing actions.

Both approach, don’t overlook to sync your breath with every asana

What number of Surya Namaskar must be carried out in a day?

For newbie yogis, even only one solar salutation is useful. Extra superior yogis favor to do 9-12 units in a single asana observe.

Solar salutations could be repeated as much as 108 instances in a day by superior practitioners (108 is a vital yoga image that represents religious completion). 9 units of the 12 solar salutation postures additionally totals to 108.

To reap one of the best outcomes, observe solar salutations constantly on daily basis. It’s possible you’ll begin to discover that your downward canine deepens, your excessive plank will get stronger, your Chaturanga will get simpler, and your breath turns into extra free flowing.


What occurs for those who do Surya Namaskar on a regular basis?

Working towards solar salutations every day might help you get pleasure from large bodily advantages in addition to religious steadiness. You’ll achieve extra flexibility, energy, focus, and vary of movement. On the similar time, chances are you’ll expertise higher digestion, lowered stress, and a higher sense of peace.

What’s a full Solar Salutation?

A full solar salutation incorporates 12 yoga asanas that begin and finish at Mountain Pose. The sequence includes deep pranayama respiratory that goals to sync inhales and exhales with particular bodily actions. As one turns into extra conversant in surya namaskar, they’ll expertise a meditative move between postures that’s harking back to a dance to the rhythm of your breath.

What number of instances must you do Solar Salutation?

Solar salutation could be practiced anyplace from 1 to 108 units at a time. Nevertheless, essentially the most real looking and in style variety of repetitions is 9. Doing 9 rounds of the 12 postures ends in the holy quantity 108, which coincides with the variety of beads on a mala meditation necklace.




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