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The Ocean’s Best Feast | How Dolphins Lead the Feast | Nature



– [Narrator] The sardines flip to the one protection they know, education up as tight as they will.

One strikes, they usually all transfer.

However the dolphins are ready for this.

Their purpose is to forestall the shoal from diving deep.

They coordinate their efforts, blocking the sardines’ evasion.

With surgical precision, they slice balls away from the primary shoal.

(dolphins squeaking) They blow bubbles to corral any fish that tries to interrupt type, forcing the fish tighter and tighter collectively.

Each fish instinctively tries to get into the center of the pack, however now, exhausted gills battle to suck oxygen from turbulent water.

(dolphins squeaking) Ball after ball is dissected from the shoal and obliterated.

The dolphins get what they waited for.




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