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The Ocean’s Best Feast | How Orcas Hunt Dolphins | Nature



– [Narrator] The predator of all predators arrives.


As good and cooperative as a typical dolphin, and thrice greater.

Orcas by no means used to journey for the sardine run, however now they swim hundreds of miles to intercept the shoals.

(orca whistling) However it’s not the sardines they’re after.

They’re right here to hunt dolphins.

Not chasing anymore, however operating.

The orcas aren’t solely extra highly effective, they’ve extra stamina.

Simply because the dolphins corralled the fish, now the orcas work the dolphins.

They isolate one from the pod.

(orca clicking) (dolphin squeaking) As soon as they’ve locked onto their goal, they tag staff, chasing it, exhausting it, then ramming it.

(water splashing) (light music) (water splashing) (water splashing) (water splashing) They assault many times till the dolphin can not swim.

(dolphin squeaking) (orca calling)




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