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The That means and Use of Frequent Yoga Symbols • Yoga Fundamentals


Yoga and meditation are wealthy in mystical symbolism. But trendy yoga has each commercialized and ignored lots of the deeper meanings of those historical sacred symbols. Many practitioners use symbols as a strategy to specific their dedication and love of yoga through the use of them on clothes, jewellery, and even tattoos. However these symbols should not simply ornament–figuring out and understanding yogic symbols is an integral path to acquiring a deeper data of the yogic philosophies, teachings, and mythologies. Yoga symbols are a robust instrument to create perception and a deeper understanding of the apply of yoga. They visually convey an idea, instructing, or religious concept that may be utilized in your yoga or meditation apply to focus the thoughts and induce a state of contemplation and absorption.

What Are Yoga Symbols

A logo is a graphical illustration of an concept, idea, or relationship. Symbols can create potent hyperlinks between very completely different ideas and experiences to allow us to maneuver from the unknown to the recognized. Mystics from India created yoga symbols to raise consciousness and produce deeper perception into one’s religious path and yoga apply. They, subsequently, are vital in speaking deeper truths and to information one towards attaining interior peace and enlightenment.

Easy methods to Use Yoga Symbols

There are a number of methods you should utilize yoga symbols to enrich and deepen your yoga and meditation apply. Having a number of of those symbols round one’s residing and apply area may help you get hold of excessive ranges of inspiration and religious vitality. You possibly can incorporate yoga symbols into your wardrobe, you may put on jewellery with the symbols on it, or you may even discover ornamental items with the symbols, to put in your house. Simply having the symbols shut by you’ll elevate your yoga practices and enhance your focus, interior peace, and reference to the Devine. You might want to place a number of yoga symbols in your apply area with particular intentions for using them. They will function a visible reminder to return to your intention everytime you see them. You may also place one in all these pictures in entrance of you to stare upon whereas practising meditation or yoga poses.

Frequent Symbols in Yoga

Lots of the following frequent symbols should not restricted to simply yoga. The facility of symbols is their common attraction, so these icons may be discovered in lots of different cultures, religions, and religious practices. The thriller of the symbols can comprise a number of layers of that means that require using contemplation and research to unlock.

The Om/Aum Image

The Om or Aum image is the most typical image in Yoga and you’ll usually encounter this picture in at your native yoga studio. It’s usually chanted at first and finish of a yoga or meditation class. Yogis imagine that the sound or vibration of Om unifies the whole lot within the universe. It’s believed that the chanting Om and meditating on the Om image can open your third eye and connect with the divine drive of the universe. This picture represents the first purpose of yoga to unite the thoughts, physique, and spirit.

The three completely different sounds of Om (A-U-M) characterize the three points of the Hindu Trimurti: Brahma the creator (A), Vishnu the sustainer (U) and the Shiva the transformer (M). The illustration and sound of Aum will also be damaged down into 4 meanings.

  1. Om/Aum SymbolThe underside left curve represents the sound of A (aahh) and the primary or waking state of consciousness. That is our aware thoughts and the place we expertise the world by way of the 5 senses.
  2. The underside proper curve represents the sound of U (oohh) and the second or dreaming state of consciousness. We expertise this past our bodily our bodies in our energetic unconsciousness and energetic realms.
  3. The highest left curve represents the sound of M (mmm) and the third or deep sleeping state of consciousness. Represents the religious forces of the universe and the connectivity it gives
  4. The dot situated on the highest character represents the silence after chanting Aum and the fourth or samadhi state of pure consciousness. That is the very best state of consciousness the place you expertise absolute stillness and oneness with all creation.

The 7 Chakra Symbols

The Chakras characterize 7 vitality facilities in our our bodies and are described as whirling disks of sunshine. Yogis imagine that if all of those 7 energies are in good concord you can be at peace, spiritually, mentally, and bodily. One technique of balancing the chakras is to meditate on the meanings utilized in every of the chakras symbols. The chakra icons are composed of lotus petals, triangles, colours, circles, Sanskrit letters, and different symbols situated alongside the spinal column.

  1. Chakra SymbolsThe Muladhara or Root Chakra, which is purple in colour and appears a bit like an upside-down triangle, represents stability and grounding.
  2. The Svadhishthana or Sacral Chakra, which is orange in colour and appears like a crescent moon inside a flower, represents the middle of your creativity.
  3. The Manipura or Photo voltaic Plexus Chakra, which is yellow and appears somewhat like an upside-down funnel, impacts your confidence. It represents your vitality and vibrancy that you just put out into the world.
  4. The Anahata or Coronary heart Chakra, which is inexperienced and appears like a star inside a lotus, is claimed to gasoline your compassion and empathy.
  5. The Vishuddha or Throat Chakra, which is blue and appears like a circle and a triangle inside a flower, represents your potential to talk up and share your data with others round you.
  6. The Ajna or Third Eye Chakra, which is an indigo colour that appears a bit like a triangle inside an eye fixed, represents your connection to the divinity. It’s also generally known as ‘the third eye Chakra.’
  7. Lastly, the Sahasrara or Crown Chakra, which is purple which appears to be like like a completely blossomed lotus flower, is your divine connection to the complete universe.

There are lots of extra particulars and data surrounding the 7 Chakras accessible to discover in your religious apply. You possibly can uncover maintain their move of vitality balanced and to unlock any blocked Chakras by exploring their symbolism in larger element.
Gyan Mudra Symbol

The Gyan Mudra Image

That is the most typical hand mudra utilized in yoga and meditation. This image appears to be like just like the “okay” gesture we make with our fingers by touching the tip of the index finger to the tip or the bottom of the thumb.The index finger symbolizes the guts chakra and the air factor and the thumb represents the photo voltaic plexus and the fireplace factor.

Utilizing this mudra whereas meditating brings peace and calm, thus the illustration of the mudra symbolizes the state of meditation and the attainment of interior peace. This image is often known as jnana mudra or chin mudra.Lotus Flower Symbol

The Lotus Flower

The open lotus flower represents purity, enlightenment, and new beginnings. The attractive lotus blooms on the floor of stagnant muddy water and its roots develop deep within the muddy backside. A water lily additionally symbolizes our potential to remodel nice struggles and difficulties into highly effective life classes. A closed lotus flower represents an unenlightened yogi on the trail of enlightenment. A blue lotus flower symbolizes mindfulness and knowledge. A white lotus represents purity of thought and spirit. A purple lotus represents mysticism and a pink lotus is called the sacred lotus of the Buddha.
Mandala Symbol

The Mandala

The Sanskrit phrase Mandala interprets to “circle” and these symmetrical geometric patterned shapes characterize wholeness, unity, and concord. The outer circles symbolize the oneness of the universe, and the circle of life. The interior layers characterize the completely different ranges of human existence. Mandalas are utilized in visible meditation to focus the thoughts, promote contemplation and create interior peace.
Ganesha Symbol

The Ganesh Image

Ganesha is a very fashionable Hindu deity with an elephant head and a human physique who represents good luck, data, and studying. He’s invoked at first of recent endeavors and is called the remover of obstacles. Ganesh’s physique elements additionally maintain completely different symbolic meanings. For instance, his giant elephant head represents data and his trunk stands for knowledge.
Hamsa Symbol

The Hamsa (Evil Eye) Image

Though it appears to be like like a frightening evil eye, this image isn’t as terrible because it sounds. This image is used to convey safety and repel hurt and dangerous vitality. Hamsa is a well-liked image in lots of cultures and religions to characterize luck, luck, well being, wealth, and fertility.
Buddha symbol

The Buddha

The picture of the Buddha is without doubt one of the hottest symbols in Buddhism and can be utilized in yoga. This image signifies our potential to grow to be woke up or enlightened by way of meditation. The Buddha liberated himself from worldly struggling and religious ignorance and seeing his picture reminds us that we are able to do the identical.
Shri Yantra symbol

The Shri Yantra

A yantra is a geometrical sample utilized in meditation to focus the thoughts. The Shri Yantra is a sacred geometry image that has been used for 1000’s of years to characterize the vitality, energy, and creativity of the divine mom. It’s also generally known as Sri Chakra and is taken into account the mom or queen of all the opposite yantras. It’s believed to guard in opposition to detrimental energies and to draw optimistic ones.

crescent moon symbolThe Crescent Moon

The Hindu god Shiva is commonly represented with a crescent moon on his head which symbolizes timelessness and the mastery over time. In Hinduism, the crescent moon is called Chandra, an historical lunar deity that represents fertility. The picture of a crescent moon is utilized in yoga to characterize decay, impermanence, and rebirth.

Trident symbolThe Trident

The trident or Trishula is a weapon of Shiva and Durga fabricated from three prongs. This representing the holy quantity three—the three states of creation, sustenance, and destruction; previous, current, and future; physique, thoughts and spirit; and the vitality of the three gunas  (satva, rajas and tamas). Within the tales of Hinduism, the trident is used to kill evil demons and is an emblem of energy and authority.

coiled snake symbolThe Coiled Snake

The primordial vitality of Kundalini is claimed to lie dormant within the muladhara chakara is represented as a coiled snake. In Hinduism, Anantha Shesha is represented  as a coiled snake symbolizing infinity and the immeasurable variety of cycles of creation, dissolution, and recreation of the universe. The picture of a snake symbolizes knowledge, therapeutic, transformation, and regeneration. Snakes have at all times had a particular place in Jap tradition as a result of they’re thought-about an emblem of longevity and immortality.

Dharma Wheel symbolThe Dharma Wheel

The dharma wheel, or Dharmachakra, is without doubt one of the eight auspicious symbols of Buddhism generally known as Ashtamangala. The circle rim of the wheel symbolizes the perfection of the Buddha’s instructing and meditative actions of focus, focus, and mindfulness. Its eight spokes characterize the eightfold path resulting in enlightenment.

Shiva Linga symbolThe Shiva Linga

The Shiva Linga is a phallic-shaped image that’s utilized in Tantric yoga rituals to characterize the unity of the masculine and female forces inside every particular person. It additionally represents the creation of the universe, and the union of Prakriti and Purusha—yogic philosophy’s two foremost energetic polarities.

Conch shell symbolThe Conch Shell

The Shankha or conch shell is historically blown earlier than the beginning of many Indian ceremonies to announce and welcome within the powers of divine vitality. Its sound represents the cosmic music of the Universe and it’s among the many 4 sacred objects that Vishnu holds in His Palms. It’s believed that the sound of the conch shell retains away evil spirits and protects people from hurt. In Buddhism, the Conch shell can be one of many eight Ashtamangala symbols. It represents the ability and efficiency of the sound of the Buddha’s teachings.

Different Symbols in Yoga

There are lots of different symbols of yoga you could expertise and discover. These symbols all have wealthy and potent histories so please use these with respect and understanding when adorning your own home studio or seeing these in yoga class. Hopefully, this fast lesson will encourage you to be taught and expertise the deeper meanings of symbols in your apply of yoga. Please tell us if there are any extra symbols that you just’d like us to elucidate and add to the checklist above!




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