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Tips on how to Do Ardha Mandalasana (Half Circle Pose) and Its Advantages


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Ardha Mandalasana

(ard-hah Man-d-al-ah-sah-nah)

WidespreadHalf circle pose
SortStanding/backbend aspect stretch
Stretches Triceps-biceps, Gluteus maximus, thighs, levator scapulae (aspect neck muscle)
StrengthensDecrease again, chest, shoulder

Half circle pose is a straightforward aspect stretching yoga pose that aids in chest opening. It is named Ardha Mandalasana in Sanskrit, ardha stands for half, mandala means circle and asana means pose. Whenever you get into the ultimate place of this pose, your leg, torso, and arm make a half-circle-like determine.

In half circle pose the physique posture is such that one leg (let’s say the left leg) is kneeling, whereas the best leg is prolonged to the aspect, with the foot grounded and toes going through entrance. The left hand rests on the bottom to the left, whereas the best arm reaches up and over the top, palm going through down.

This posture is related to mandalas, that are round designs considered as a mirrored image of the cosmos. Mandalas are sacred yoga symbols to assist focus consideration throughout meditation.

Ardha mandalasana is historically related to the Muladhara (Root Chakra) because it stimulates and expands the hips and pelvic space. It additionally opens your decrease ribcage and lets you take deep breaths. Anatomically it prompts your thymus gland and stimulates your immune system. It is a superb pose to work on aspect flexion.

Step-by-step directions

To carry out ardha mandalasana, observe these simples steps:

  • Stand in a kneeling place in your yoga mat.
  • Stretch your left leg out to the aspect and place the only of your foot flat on the ground, toes going through ahead. Your left foot can be in keeping with the best knee.
  • Carry your proper hand to the ground, simply beside your proper knee.
  • Bending your left aspect of the physique, stretch your left arm in direction of your head with the palms going through the ground.
  • Flip your head to gaze on the left-hand fingers. Lengthen by means of the fingers and left foot toe to create the half-circle picture on the left aspect.
  • Hold your hips squared and going through ahead together with a straight backbone.

Keep on this posture for 3-5 breaths. You’ll begin deep respiration routinely as you come into this pose.

To return out, deliver the left arm down in direction of the hips and gently come again to the kneeling place.

Newbie’s Suggestions

Holding a kneeling place in half circle pose could also be uncomfortable for novices or folks having joint issues. Listed here are some tricks to keep away from that:

  • Hold a folded blanket below the knee for enhanced padding. Knee pads or a kneeling mat also can work to cushion your joints.
  • A micro-bend within the knee of the stretched can be helpful within the preliminary phases of the pose.
  • You should utilize a block below the hand that can be stored on the bottom when you’ve got issues with bending fully. Utilizing a block offers you further elevation to assist your place.
  • In case you have a stiff neck, you may maintain your gaze ahead as an alternative of tilting the top again and gazing on the lifted hand.

Advantages of Ardha Mandalasana

Ardha mandalasana is a improbable frontal physique opener pose. It focuses on the aspect physique stretch. The deep opening of the chest improves lung capability and the slight backbend promotes spinal decompression. Furthermore, the aspect thigh muscle tissues are additionally actively engaged. 

Listed here are some key advantages of half circle pose:

  • Strengthens either side of the physique, permitting for essentially the most balanced distribution of stability and energy.
  • The hips and pelvic space are opened, in addition to the thighs.
  • Facilitates the usage of the chest and, consequently, the diaphragm muscle tissues are strengthened.
  • The torso stretch lengthens the psoas muscle tissues.
  • The deep stretch opens the throat and stimulates the thyroid gland, selling endocrine perform.
  • Ardha Mandalasana improves flexibility by stretching the backbone.
  • Reduces the results of stress and soothes the nervous system by opening the chest.
  • A profound sense of connection between the physique and the thoughts is gained because it symbolizes the Universe in Half the Circle. 
  • With its connection to the Mandala, the half circle pose is an effective approach to obtain a meditative thoughts in a religious method.
  • On a religious degree, Ardha mandalasana is believed to be notably good for uniting the solar and moon elements of the yogi’s character.

Variations and Modifications

1. Half circle pose on a chair

As an alternative of kneeling on the ground, you may carry out this pose on a chair.

Sit on the chair together with your left foot grounded on the ground. Stretch out your proper leg sideways and produce your proper arm overhead in direction of the left aspect. Your left hand could be positioned on the left leg knee or thigh. The quantity of stretch will not be the identical nonetheless, it should make it easier to develop the soundness and energy to carry out the pose.

2. Kneeling aspect bend

On this modified pose, you simply carry out the aspect stretch whereas remaining within the kneeling place in your yoga mat.

You may use a bolster or folded blanket below your knees in addition to a yoga block below the hand that can come to the ground. It’s a good approach to simply stretch one aspect of the physique to take away stiffness within the shoulders and again. 

To attain a deeper hip and chest opening, take your prolonged leg barely backward. Additionally, take your prolonged hand in direction of the again for a deeper stretch to the again muscle tissues and backbone.


Folks with these medical situations ought to take precautions when performing half circle pose:

  • Continual migraine
  • In case of surgical procedure, damage, or irritation within the hip, knee, shoulder, neck, or decrease again, keep away from working towards until you may have recovered.
  • Hernia sufferers must also keep away from working towards the pose.

Preparatory Pose

Comply with up Poses


Half circle pose targets your complete aspect muscle tissues of the physique, which frequently get uncared for in different hatha yoga poses. Performing this pose with dedication may help you are feeling rejuvenated and reenergized on a unique degree. 




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