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Uncommon Andean Bear Cubs Have First Well being Verify


The UK’s second ever Andean twin bear cubs lately had their first vet well being check-up and handed with flying colors.

The cubs, now three months previous, have spent the previous few months within the secluded cubbing den with their mom, Madidi.  The specifically constructed den is fitted with infrared CCTV and microphones and till now, that is how the keepers had been monitoring the progress of the cubs and Madidi.




Within the early days after the beginning, Madidi not often left the cubs, just for quick intervals of time to feed.  Regardless of feminine grownup bears weighing round 80kg, their offspring are solely round 300 grams and are born blind.
The keepers have noticed Madidi intently and observed her rising confidence in leaving the cubs for longer intervals of time. The timing of the vet verify wanted to happen whereas mum was not within the cubbing den and cubs weren’t capable of comply with.
Your entire vet verify was performed as rapidly as attainable to minimise stress to Madidi. Each cubs obtained a visible check-over, had been microchipped, weighed and the vet workforce had been capable of determine the gender of every of the cubs.
These first checks revealed that Madidi has a boy and a lady!  The male cub weighed in at 5.5kg and the feminine cub at 5Kg.  Male bears develop as much as 30 p.c bigger than the females.  Measuring as much as 6ft in top and roughly 150kg in weight.
These photos are the primary color, excessive decision images taken exterior the darkish cubbing den and clearly present their distinctive facial markings that give the bears the identify ‘Spectacled bears’. They’re additionally famously the inspiration behind Paddington Bear from “darkest Peru.”
“It’s fantastic to look at the event of the cubs.  They’ve grown a lot and it’s actually attention-grabbing to see the variations within the personalities with the feminine cub being far more vocal and inquisitive than her brother” mentioned lead keeper Jayne.
They had been born in January this 12 months to five-year-old Madidi initially from Chester Zoo and Rasu initially from Zurich Zoo. They had been initially matched up in 2019 as a part of the European Endangered Species Breeding Programme (EEP).
With solely remoted populations of spectacled bears left within the wild, they’re susceptible to extinction.  The beginning of those twin bear cubs is a major achievement of the EEP and Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm serving to to protect these wonderful species for future generations.
Spectacled bears originate from South America, with women and men coming collectively to mate between April-June and spend the remainder of the time aside. There may be usually no paternal involvement within the rearing of cubs. There are fewer than 10,000 within the wild.
Photographs courtesy of Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm and distributed by Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm™
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