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Vyana Mudra to Management Blood Stress: Advantages and Tips on how to Do It


Vyana mudra
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Vyana is among the 5 important air, often known as Prana Vayus within the physique, which implies “outward-moving air.”

The vyana mudra is practised to right the imbalances in vyana vayu. It contains the distribution of diet, oxygen and blood provide within the physique.

Vyana mudra works on cardiac exercise, circulation and the voluntary nervous system. You are able to do vyana mudra to take care of blood strain, thoughts freshness, extreme sweating and steadiness of Vata dosha.

On this article, we are going to know the way to apply vyana mudra and what are its advantages.

What’s Vyana Mudra?

The vyana mudra is a simple to carry out hand mudra which is able to assist in balancing the vyana vayu in addition to 3 out of 5 parts of the physique i.e. Pancha tattva. Since this mudra is straight involved with balancing the blood circulation, it is usually typically known as Mudra for Blood Circulation.

To carry out this vyana mudra, you be a part of the information of the thumb, index, and center finger whereas maintaining the opposite fingers straight.

As per Ayurveda, every finger is linked to a component that makes up our physique. The thumb represents fireplace, the index finger is air and the center finger is for area or ether. As a result of vyana mudra brings index and center finger in contact with the thumb, thus it helps steadiness the three parts; fireplace, air and area. When air and area ingredient are joined, it makes Vata dosha, therefore vyana mudra cures the signs of Vata dosha imbalance.

Vyana mudra is extraordinarily useful for individuals with hypertension because it is among the main causes of an imbalanced vyana vayu. And by balancing the area, you may as well be relieved of many psychological illnesses.

Vyana mudra can also be associated to the Sacral Chakra or Swadhisthana, which is the seat of creativity, instinct and inventive expression.

Tips on how to Do Vyana Mudra

Since Vyana mudra is expounded to Vata dosha and a balanced Vata means secure thoughts, this mudra will be adopted for meditation apply. It enhances the focus energy.

To carry out vyana mudra, you be a part of the information of the thumb, index, and center finger altogether whereas maintaining the opposite fingers straight.

Listed below are the steps to carry out this mudra for meditation apply;

  • Sit in a snug meditative posture together with your again straight. Padmasana (Lotus Pose) and Sukhasana (Straightforward Pose) are some beneficial poses.
  • Rub your each palms fingertips collectively for some time. Then put your palms on knees palm dealing with up.
  • On each palms, bend your index and center fingers to the thumb and be a part of all these fingertips collectively. Preserve remaining fingers straight or flippantly stretched.
  • Shut your eyes and begin together with your meditation. 
  • Meditate with this mudra for a minimum of 10 minutes in a single sitting.

For individuals with blood strain issues, apply the vyana mudra a minimum of 4-5 occasions a day for a complete of fifty minutes.

Ideas for efficient apply

  • In case you are uncomfortable with bending your knees for an extended length, you possibly can sit on a chair and apply the mudra.
  • You may also place yoga blocks, towels, cushions, or blankets underneath your knees within the seated place.
  • After the vyana mudra, you possibly can apply the prana mudra for an additional 10 minutes to extend the effectiveness.
  • For enhanced focus, do sacral chakra meditation with this mudra.
  • Don’t put an uncomfortable quantity of strain on the information. Preserve the strain mild.
  • You may apply vyana mudra 3 occasions a day for 10-Quarter-hour or for 45 minutes at a stretch.
  • Though you possibly can apply this mudra at any time, the early morning is taken into account the very best for meditative practices.


  • In case your Vata dosha is excessive, it’s best to apply vyana mudra carefully.
  • Folks with extraordinarily hypertension ought to keep away from the apply.
  • In case you are affected by anxiousness or hypertension, it’s higher to keep away from this mudra.

Advantages of Vyana Mudra

Since vyana mudra is related to the balancing of the vyana vayu, for sure, this mudra helps in controlling the blood strain of the practitioner. Furthermore, it additionally helps in regulating blood circulation, in flip serving to in higher absorption of vitamins from the meals.

Listed below are among the advantages you possibly can achieve from this mudra:

  • This can be very useful in regulating blood strain.
  • It improves the performance of the guts basically.
  • It helps in lowering laziness, fatigue, dizziness, and drowsiness.
  • The mudra can management extreme sweating, urination, and thirst.
  • Because the mudra is expounded to the sacral chakra, training vyana mudra promotes creativity, enthusiasm, and initiative.
  • Vyana mudra can help in reaching psychological freshness, shallowness, zeal, and liveliness.
  • With common apply, your intolerance in direction of warmth can also be lowered.
  • It additionally helps pacify the Vata dosha and the illnesses that come up resulting from its imbalance.
  • Illnesses like diarrhea will also be regulated.
  • Issues associated to sleep comparable to extreme sleeping or lack of restful sleep will be lowered.
  • The mudra boosts self-assurance and vitality circulation.


Vyana Mudra has been proven to assist with tiredness, blood strain points, and coronary heart well being. When used along with a complete food plan, a wholesome way of life, day by day train, and satisfactory sleep/relaxation, therapeutic mudras will be fairly helpful. Lengthy-term Vyana Mudra apply will yield useful outcomes.




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