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Well being Danger From Monkey Viruses Must Be Investigated


If you happen to’ve ever handed a truck on the freeway and puzzled what was inside, you’ve possible by no means guessed that it might be stuffed with monkeys. However a January 21 crash on a Pennsylvania freeway involving a truck carrying 100 laboratory-bound long-tailed macaques is proof that utilizing primates in experiments is a seedy enterprise that’s harmful for each monkeys and people.

Within the wake of the wreck, PETA fired off a letter to Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg, urging him to analyze attainable hazardous materials violations related to transporting monkeys from one laboratory to a different and the well being dangers posed by the importation of monkeys into the U.S. usually. In keeping with the Facilities for Illness Management and Prevention (CDC), in 2019 and 2020 alone, 227 shipments introduced 60,546 monkeys into the U.S. from different international locations—all destined to be tormented and killed in laboratories.

This business is devastating monkey populations and placing People in danger. The one strategy to remove the hazards—for all animals—posed by these shipments is to cease importing and experimenting on monkeys.

The monkeys concerned within the crash had been flown from the opposite facet of the world whereas sitting in their very own urine and feces, had been transported on a jostling truck, and had been then thrown out into the chilly earlier than being delivered to a quarantine facility or gunned down (because the three who escaped had been). Along with the plain torment the animals endured, the wreck additionally demonstrates severe points associated to public security.

The macaques had arrived at John F. Kennedy Worldwide Airport in New York that morning and had not but be quarantined or examined for any viruses that might endanger people. Witnesses say that the crates holding the animals had no labels warning of potential risks and even that the crates held monkeys.

After the crash, bystanders waded by means of the monkeys’ feces and urine, which was smeared throughout the freeway. Three monkeys who escaped on-site following the accident had been later shot and killed per orders from the CDC due to the general public well being threat they posed.

How Harmful Can Publicity to Monkeys Be?

Monkeys who carry tuberculosis, West Nile virus, malaria, Chagas illness, simian immunodeficiency virus, herpes B, hepatitis, and different infectious brokers which can be transmissible to people are in laboratories everywhere in the U.S.—they usually’ve been transported through truck, based on paperwork obtained by PETA.

Monkey who escaped crash is spotted among crates

A bystander took this photograph of one of many escaped monkeys, who was later presumed to be shot.

Demand an Finish to Monkey Experiments

One of the best ways to restrict hurt to monkeys and human publicity to any illness they carry is to shut the nationwide primate analysis facilities (NPRC) and all different laboratories that use monkeys. PETA revealed that the College of Washington’s NPRC and its breeding facility in Mesa, Arizona, transported diseased monkeys to experimenters throughout the nation, and we promptly demanded an investigation by the Nationwide Institutes of Well being. Quite a few violations of well being and veterinary rules had been uncovered together with the truth that the breeding facility sits subsequent to a poisonous waste website. Nonetheless, NPRCs stay in enterprise—and drive a lot of the demand for monkeys to be transported within the U.S. For the protection of all primates, these merciless laboratories should be closed down.

Assist Shut the Merciless NPRCs




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