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What Are Chakra Bracelets, THeir Which means and How Do They Work (and the Greatest Ones to Select)?  


Power therapeutic jewellery has turn out to be extremely common lately. These days, yow will discover many lovely crystal items, from pendants to prayer beads and, most lately, chakra bracelets. 

Chakra gemstone bracelets are extraordinarily eye-catching, due to their multi-colored crystal mixture. Subsequently, if you happen to’ve come throughout them earlier than, you most likely felt intrigued by their magnificence. Nevertheless, chakra bracelets don’t simply look attractive; in addition they carry highly effective therapeutic qualities, which can assist stability and realign the energetic our bodies of the customers.

So, if you happen to’ve ever questioned what chakra bracelets are for and methods to use them, learn on for the last word information to this gorgeous piece of vitality therapeutic jewellery. 

What’s a 7 Chakra bracelet?

The chakras (that means “wheels” in Sanskrit) are the seven important vitality facilities within the delicate physique. They’re invisible to the human eye as they include flowing vitality that spins and turns like a wheel. The concept originated hundreds of years in the past in India, with roots in Hinduism and Tantra yogic philosophy.

Specific crystals or gem stones characterize and maintain the qualities of every of the first vitality facilities within the chakra system. The related crystals are sometimes the corresponding colour of a chakra. It’s believed that they’ve the facility to help within the therapeutic and opening of that vitality middle.  

A 7 Chakra bracelet is the title given to a gemstone bracelet that comprises the related therapeutic crystal for every of the 7 chakras. It’s believed that sporting a chakra can assist you align and stability all your chakras concurrently. The chakra crystals make up about 25% of the bracelet, with the rest being black onyx or lava beads.

Chakra bracelet advantages

There are a number of benefits to utilizing a chakra bracelet to work together with your energetic physique.

The power to heal and stability chakras

Crystals have been related to vitality therapeutic for a few years, so the connection between gem stones and chakras will not be a brand new thought. Nevertheless, prior to now, individuals stored particular chakra crystals of their houses, labored with them via reiki, or wore a stone round their neck. 

In most of those instances, they labored with only one or two vitality facilities that they felt had been blocked. The distinction with a chakra bracelet is that it heals and aligns all the chakras, because it options the related gemstone of every one. 

Whereas there are indicators and signs you possibly can look out for to grasp which of your chakras are blocked, many individuals discover it troublesome to find out this. So, by sporting a 7 chakra bracelet, the crystals concurrently work on your complete energetic system, scanning and therapeutic imbalances.

The crystals keep near your physique

One other good thing about choosing a chakra bracelet over maintaining crystals in your house is that they keep in shut contact together with your physique all day. Subsequently, you’ll proceed to obtain the vitality therapeutic of the crystal bracelet whereas at work, touring, or wherever else as a substitute of when you’re simply at residence. When you discover it uncomfortable to put on at evening, you possibly can place it in your bedside desk so it stays close by. 

A reminder to remain aware

Except for its highly effective therapeutic properties, sporting a chakra bracelet will assist you to turn out to be extra aware and conscious of the vitality flowing via you. As we go about our every day lives, we’re hardly ever current sufficient to keep up the attention that we’re greater than our bodily our bodies. Nevertheless, when trying to heal and stability the vitality in our our bodies, the extra intention we convey to it, the higher the outcomes. 

Carrying a chakra bracelet reminds us that all of us have a delicate physique that we will really feel via our ideas, feelings, and bodily tensions. So, each time you see your bracelet, you have got the chance to take heed to your physique and hook up with your soul.

A second of calm

As your chakra bracelet helps you turn out to be extra current and conscious, you’ll discover you are feeling a second of calm each time you take a look at it. For instance, if you happen to’re at present in the course of doing one thing hectic or coping with a battle, catching a glimpse of your bracelet may very well be all it is advisable to cease and breathe for a minute. 

What are the therapeutic properties of chakra bracelets?

Chakra bracelets assist to rebalance and harmonize the vitality in your physique. They’ve the facility to attract out destructive vitality, together with pressure and ache, and stimulate optimistic, therapeutic vitality. What’s extra, every of the seven chakra stones of the bracelet has its personal distinctive therapeutic properties.

  • Root Chakra (Crimson) – The primary chakra (Muladhara) is liable for your emotions of security, safety, and stability. Crimson (or typically black) crystals have highly effective grounding properties to reconnect you to the earth and align your physique and thoughts. They usually pull extra vitality downwards and provide safety.
  • Sacral Chakra (Orange) – The second chakra (Svadhisthana) governs your feelings, sensuality, pleasure, sexuality, and creativity. Orange gem stones can assist you management your feelings, heal from emotional or sexual trauma, and increase creativity. 
  • Photo voltaic Plexus Chakra (Yellow) – The third chakra (Manipura) is the middle of your private energy, governing self-confidence, self-belief, braveness, and willpower. Yellow-colored crystals increase your self-image and willpower, assist you to ​​overcome adversity and transfer ahead in life, and appeal to abundance and success. 
  • Coronary heart Chakra (Inexperienced) – The fourth chakra (Anahata) is liable for giving and receiving like to your self and others and gratitude, pleasure, compassion, and understanding. Inexperienced (and pink) crystals can heal heartache and assist you to let go of previous hurts, promote self-love, and encourage gratitude. 
  • Throat Chakra (Blue) – The fifth chakra ((Vishuddha) is the communication middle that means that you can communicate your fact, take heed to others and freely categorical your concepts and needs. Gentle blue and turquoise crystals have the facility to boost your communication, ease anxiousness, and provide the confidence to talk up for your self.
  • Third Eye Chakra (Indigo) – The sixth chakra (Ajna) governs your imaginative and prescient, instinct, and creativeness, permitting you to hook up with your interior knowledge and take heed to the universe’s steering. Darkish blue and navy gem stones can clear your thoughts that will help you discover focus, improve your creativeness, see with new views and even stimulate psychic skills.
  • Crown Chakra (Purple/White) – The seventh chakra (Sahasrara) is all about religious connection and accessing increased states of consciousness. Purple, white, and translucent stones carry excessive religious vitality to take away negativity, cleanse your aura, improve your manifestation potential and open up communication with the universe. 

Are there any “actual” or “genuine” chakra bracelets?

Though yow will discover many chakra bracelets on-line and in-store, you ought to be cautious about who or the place you’re shopping for them from. Genuine chakra bracelets will characteristic the particular crystals related to every chakra, whereas faux variations will use similar-looking stones with no therapeutic properties. Different fakes could combine real stones with different supplies, dropping their pureness and properties.

Nevertheless, there isn’t any one right crystal for every chakra, as a number of stones usually maintain the therapeutic priorities for that vitality middle. Subsequently, stones of genuine bracelets can look completely different from one to a different, making it troublesome to find out which of them are actual and which of them are faux.

Find out how to know if a chakra bracelet is actual

When you’re not a crystal professional, you’re most likely questioning methods to inform if a chakra bracelet is legit or not. There are normally a number of tell-tale indicators {that a} bracelet will not be real.

  • A number of stones are lacking. There ought to all the time be 7 (or 14) completely different coloured crystals and 15 to twenty black beads. 
  • The stones are the fallacious colour. Nevertheless, word that some chakras have related crystals that aren’t their corresponding hue. For instance, the basis chakra crystal may very well be purple or black, and the center chakra stone will be inexperienced or pink.
  • The stones are within the fallacious order. The order ought to usually correspond to the rainbow colours: purple, orange, yellow, inexperienced, blue, indigo, and purple, however there are exceptions.
  • The vendor makes unbelievable claims about the advantages. Though chakra bracelets have the facility to heal, they aren’t magic. So if a vendor states their bracelet will assist you to make 1,000,000 {dollars} or remedy most cancers, it’s an enormous purple flag that it’s not genuine. 
  • The stones look too clean – Pure crystals ought to have a barely tough and uneven edge across the drilling gap. Their mineral properties imply crystals can simply chip when drilled into. In case your stones look exceptionally clean and unblemished, it may very well be an indication that they’re constituted of plastic or different low-grade materials that’s simpler to drill into.
  • There are paint stains on the string – Many faux chakra bracelets have painted stone, which you’ll be able to usually discover upon inspection. Pull the stones aside barely to see the rope beneath. If there are paint stains, the bracelet will not be genuine. 

If you’re nonetheless not sure about whether or not your chakra bracelet is genuine, you possibly can take it to be graded. Real chakra crystals are likely to have an AA grade, whereas fakes stones will probably be decrease. What’s extra, the upper grade a stone is, the simpler it is going to be. 

Which wrist to put on a chakra bracelet

Many individuals who purchase a chakra bracelet don’t notice that its results are decided by the wrist they put on it on. 

The left wrist

The left facet of the physique is related to our female, yin facet, which is receptive and passive vitality. Subsequently, sporting the bracelet on the left wrist makes your aura simpler in receiving the facility from the stones.

The suitable wrist

The suitable facet of the physique is the masculine, yang facet, which has an lively, manifesting vitality. Subsequently, it’s finest to put on the bracelet on this wrist if you wish to manifest particular optimistic energies or take away negativity. 

As a result of each wrists have their advantages, many individuals select to alternate between the 2. So, you possibly can put on it on one wrist at some point and the opposite wrist the following day.

Find out how to activate a chakra bracelet

Earlier than you begin sporting your new chakra bracelet, you’ll must cleanse and activate it. That is a vital measure because it removes any destructive vitality it might carry and infuses it with optimistic, pure vitality and intention. Activation primarily means purifying it earlier than use, and there are a number of steps concerned.

  1. Cleanse it in water – That is normal apply for working with crystals as you have no idea their previous utilization. If the crystals include destructive vitality, you can unknowingly switch it to your self. Cleaning a chakra bracelet could be very straightforward. The best solution to do it’s to submerge it in a glass or bowl of water. Permit it to soak for just a few hours or 1 day. 
  2. Expose it to moonlight or smoke – You are able to do this step as well as or as a substitute of the first step. Leaving the bracelet out in moonlight for an evening permits the moon’s photo voltaic vitality to take away any destructive vitality. Alternatively, you possibly can burn sage and permit the smoke to take away any undesirable spirits.
  3. Meditate with it – Mediation will allow you to set an intention for what you wish to bracelet to do. You may maintain it in a single hand or between each palms. Shut your eyes, middle your self, and focus your vitality in your intention. State your intention as a mantra or affirmation in your thoughts or aloud. For instance, your affirmation may very well be one thing like, “I program this bracelet to activate my instinct.”

Are chakra bracelets harmful?

When you don’t know a lot about crystals and vitality therapeutic, it’s possible you’ll really feel apprehensive about utilizing a chakra bracelet and fear if it may very well be harmful. There isn’t any want to fret as chakra bracelets convey optimistic change to your physique, thoughts, and soul and don’t pose any dangerous dangers. 

So long as you cleanse the bracelet earlier than use, there isn’t any chance of any energetic hurt. A pure chakra bracelet will make you are feeling good as quickly as you place it on. 

Nevertheless, if you happen to had been to put on a chakra bracelet with out cleaning it first, you can really feel dangerous energetically. If this occurs, the bracelet possible had destructive vitality linked to it, so it is best to all the time wash a brand new chakra bracelet earlier than first use. When you neglect to do it, there isn’t any actual hazard, however you can throw your chakras out of stability much more than they already had been.

The three finest chakra bracelets

Discovering an genuine chakra bracelet can really feel like on the lookout for a needle in a haystack. Subsequently, we’re sharing three of the very best and 100% authentic chakra bracelets that will help you discover concord and energetic stability. 

Bivei Chakra Bead Bracelet

Bivei produces a number of the highest high quality chakra bracelets with sturdy development and distinctive designs. This one options real, pure gem stones for every chakra, tightly weaved into an adjustable pull-string band. 

Bivei Pure Lava Rock Chakra Bracelet

Most chakra bracelets on {the marketplace} characteristic a female design. Nevertheless, Bivei additionally does a superb model for males. It encompasses a masculine fashion and has 14 crystals as a substitute of seven (two for every chakra). As well as, it’s exceptionally top quality with Amethyst, Lapis lazuli, Inexperienced Aventurine, Tiger Eye, Citrine, and Carnelian crystals. 

Pleasant Marcy Pure Gemstone Chakra Bracelet

This unbelievable classic-style chakra bracelet makes use of 100% genuine gem stones; Tiger’s Eye, Carnelian, Yellow Topaz, Jade, Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli, and Amethyst. It additionally has pure lava beads, excellent for diffusing important oil, and you’ll select between black or white. 

Ultimate Ideas

Whether or not you’re simply studying in regards to the chakras or have been engaged on them for years, a chakra bracelet is a fab accent to have. Not solely do they appear lovely and praise any outfit, however they carry unimaginable therapeutic properties that may make you are feeling nice everytime you put on them. And due to this information, now you can discover your excellent chakra bracelet.




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