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What Are the Well being Advantages of Almond Milk?


Revealed by PETA.

Why drink cow’s milk that’s meant for child cows when you may drink a more healthy, kinder milk possibility? Almond milk is best not solely in your well being but in addition for animals. So if you wish to assist save cows, keep wholesome, and scale back your carbon footprint, right here’s all the pieces that you’ll want to find out about the advantages of almond milk and the way to make it at house.

Is Almond Milk Higher for the Setting?

The straightforward reply is sure—almond milk has much less of an influence on our planet than cow’s milk. At 396 grams of carbon dioxide (CO2) produced per liter, it has a smaller carbon footprint than cow’s milk, which produces 1,467 grams of CO2. Bushes, which take up the CO2 that exacerbates the local weather disaster, are planted to provide this vegan milk. Almond milk additionally requires much less water to provide than cow’s milk. Regardless of the way you examine them, cow’s milk is the more severe possibility—and any vegan milk is a more sensible choice for the planet.

The Many Well being Advantages of Almond Milk

Don’t miss out on the well being advantages that almond milk has. Because it has fewer energy than cow’s milk, it may well show you how to preserve a wholesome weight scale back the danger of growing most cancers, and enhance levels of cholesterol. Cow’s milk can also be dangerous for bone well being. A examine printed within the American Journal of Public Well being of greater than 77,000 ladies ages 34 to 59 discovered that those that consumed two or extra glasses of cow’s milk per day had the next danger of sustaining damaged hips and arms than those that drank one glass or much less per day.

Cow’s milk leaches calcium from our bones: When animal proteins break down, acids type. As a result of calcium is an effective acid neutralizer, our physique makes use of the calcium in milk to neutralize these acids. In order for you high-quality calcium that can strengthen your bones, select fortified almond milk.

Cow’s milk additionally accommodates many added hormones. With a purpose to produce unnaturally giant volumes of milk, cows are injected with recombinant bovine progress hormone, or rBGH, which places them at elevated danger of growing mastitis, a painful irritation of the udder. Almond milk accommodates no added hormones—and in case you purchase natural almonds and make it your self, the one substances are almonds and water!

almonds growing on tree

A Glass of Almond Milk a Day Retains Speciesism Away

Similar to human moms do, cows produce milk for his or her infants. Cows used for his or her milk are violently impregnated and compelled to present delivery repeatedly. Moms cry out when farmers rip their infants away from them. Male calves are usually torn away from their moms’ sides shortly after delivery, locked in a veal crate, and killed earlier than their first birthday. Feminine cows are caught in the identical cycle of abuse as their moms. While you drink almond milk, you select kindness.

Mother cow licks calf in forest

Don’t Cease at Milk—Different Almond Milk Merchandise Are Tasty, Too

Butter, yogurt, cheese, and different merchandise comprised of cow’s milk can’t maintain a candle to their almond milk equivalents. We love all of Kite Hill’s almond milk–primarily based merchandise, together with cream cheese, bitter cream, and spreadable cheese.

Make Your Personal at House

Probably the greatest issues about almond milk is that it’s super-easy to make at house! Right here’s a fast recipe for a scrumptious contemporary batch: Easy Vegan Weblog’s Almond Milk.

make vegan milk at home, like almond milk


Now that you already know the various advantages of almond milk, make the swap by selecting it in your latte as an alternative of cow’s milk. Ask Starbucks to finish its vegan milk upcharge, which punishes individuals for making the selection that’s higher for animals, the planet, and their well being:

Urge Starbucks to Cease Charging Further for Vegan Milk!




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