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What Do Rabbits Eat? Inventory Up on These Necessities


Printed by Rebecca Libauskas.

Rabbits are herbivores who munch and crunch all day lengthy. These nibblers have a specialised digestive system that permits them to course of meals effectively, however they will’t eat all the pieces. If a rabbit overeats a brand new meals or consumes one thing they shouldn’t, they will turn into very sick and presumably die. Because of this, guardians ought to be cautious about what rabbits eat.

So what do rabbits eat?

Grass and Hay

Grass and hay—akin to timothy or oat hay—ought to be available always for rabbits, as it’s (ideally) in nature. That is necessary for his or her digestive system’s perform and helps their tooth stay the right size and form. Rabbits ought to have contemporary hay, free from mould or mud.

In case your rabbit companion isn’t used to consuming hay, they might not eat that a lot at first. Don’t fear! Simply add contemporary hay just a few occasions a day and cut back the variety of pellets.


Varied greens are necessary to a rabbit’s weight loss plan. Some greens that make wonderful nutritious snacks embody the next:

  • Broccoli
  • Carrots and carrot tops
  • Collard greens
  • Dandelion greens
  • Mustard greens
  • Parsley

Bunnies can begin consuming greens in small portions at 12 weeks of age, however look ahead to diarrhea! Discontinue any vegetable that upsets a rabbit’s abdomen.


Veterinarians counsel feeding rabbits contemporary greens in addition to grass and hay as main sources of vitamin. Pellets are excessive in energy, so rabbits fed too many might develop well being points. Nonetheless, pellets are wealthy and balanced in vitamins, to allow them to play a small function in a rabbit’s weight loss plan.

Select a high-quality, contemporary vegan pellet to your rabbit companion. The variety of pellets required will depend on the rabbit’s dimension and weight, so test along with your veterinarian for correct quantities.


Rabbits ought to have an sufficient provide of unpolluted, contemporary water. A heavy water bowl is most well-liked in order that it doesn’t tip over. Clear it each few days with cleaning soap and water. If the rabbit prefers a sipper bottle, make sure to fill it every day and hold it clear.


You don’t want to purchase cecotropes from a retailer—rabbits make them themselves! They’re a definite kind of poop that rabbits excrete, filled with vitamins and protein, and it’s regular for rabbits to eat them. You won’t even discover this taking place, since rabbits eat them proper from the … uh … supply. If you happen to do see uneaten cecotropes round or moist feces, it’s best to contact your veterinarian.


Rabbits are outstanding people who want particular consideration and care. If you happen to’re prepared for a lifetime dedication, make sure to undertake one from a good shelter. By no means purchase a rabbit from a pet retailer, a breeder, or a neighbor or by an internet site. And if any of your pals ever ask, “What do rabbits eat?” please share this text. You could find extra details about caring for rabbits right here:

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