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Why Do Lions Roar? Information about Massive Cat Communication


The primary time I heard a lion’s roar, it shook me to the bones. I’d been snoozing soundly in my hut in South Africa’s Madikwe Sport Reserve (a Nat Hab favourite), when the full-throated and low-pitched bellow reverberated by my physique, launching me upright. Afterward, I used to be too excited to return to sleep. I’d caught sight of that very same lion earlier within the day, lounging within the tall grasses within the reserve throughout a day safari. He regarded so docile. That’s, till I heard his voice. 

Lions have the loudest roars of all large cats, however they’re not the one large cats you’ll discover in southern Africa. Collectively, Botswana and Namibia supply all kinds of safari range—from the Okavango Delta swamplands to historical salt pans and riverine forest—and with it comes an abundance of wildlife: giraffe and zebra, blue wildebeest, elephants, rhinos, and loads of large cat predators, together with lions, leopards and cheetahs. Whereas watching them in motion is unbelievable, there’s additionally lots to find out about these animals as properly. 

As an example, roaring isn’t the one approach that large cats talk. From abandoning scent marks to their general look, Africa’s lions, leopards and cheetahs are decidedly complicated beasts…after which some. 

Lion in Botswana lying down.

Ways in which Lions Talk 

Lions are on the prime of the meals chain within the African savannah. When you have any doubt of their ferocity, simply pay attention to at least one roar. It’s a sound that you would be able to hear for as much as 5 miles away.  

Actually, the ability and tone of a lion’s roar assist to tell apart the cat from others of its genus. Roaring is a option to gauge energy. For instance, a powerful, guttural roar from a male lion is just not solely engaging to lionesses, but it surely helps to point his general prowess. 

Lions will use their roar to keep at bay potential intruders, and/or to guard their territory and their satisfaction. Generally they’ll even roar as a approach of speaking with different lions, and their roars can attain as much as 114 decibels—the identical noise stage as a chainsaw or a snowmobile. 

Nonetheless, solely large cats, equivalent to lions, leopards, tigers and jaguars have the flexibility to roar. This is because of their massive vocal folds, which kind a sq. form that permits for big vocal vibrations at much less lung stress, leading to a monstrous sound that resonates for miles. 

Roaring isn’t the one approach that lions talk, both. They typically make a “scratch pile” with their urine, or claw bushes as further methods to mark their territory and hold a distance between different lion prides. Bodily options, together with the darkness of a male lion’s mane, are one other approach of displaying their skills to others. Typically, the older the lion, the darker the mane. Nevertheless, a very thick, darkish mane signifies a lion that’s particularly wholesome and well-fed​​—and never an animal you’d wish to mess with. 

Lions might growl, moan, groan, huff and puff and emit gurgling growls that resemble purring, as a result of in contrast to conventional purrs—that are steady—the vibratory sounds that lions produce are solely evident once they exhale. Lions additionally present affection to at least one one other by actions like nuzzling and head rubbing. 

A Leopard in Namibia a tree eating meat.

Africa’s Different Massive Cats 

Together with the lion, southern Africa is dwelling to 2 different species of huge cats that use their calls to speak: leopards and cheetahs. 



Leopards are recognizable by their rosette-marked fur and white-tipped tails and ears—markings that assist them to acknowledge each other—in addition to their roars. Whereas not as loud as that of a lion, a leopard’s roar is kind of distinctive: in actual fact, it’s referred to as a “noticed” as a result of that’s precisely what it seems like: a noticed chopping by a plank of wooden. This type of “tough cough” can carry for as much as two miles, and leopards use it most regularly at nightfall and daybreak to present others of their sort a nod (most leopards are solitary creatures) that they’re within the space. 


Cheetahs are the quickest land animal on the planet, in addition to probably the most endangered of Africa’s massive cats. However whereas they’re lean, muscular and substantial in dimension—they will attain practically 5 ft in size and weigh as much as 130 kilos—they’re not scientifically categorized as “large cats.” That is partially as a result of reasonably than having a protracted vocal fold like lions and leopards, they’ve a set vocal field much like that of home cats. Whereas it’s a function that retains them from attaining bona fide large cat standing, it additionally permits these tawny-colored, noticed felines the flexibility to purr authentically. Cheetahs talk moreover by a collection of growls, bleats, hisses and even high-pitched chirping. Scent markings and chin rubbing are additionally par for the course. 

View of relaxed wild Cheetah watching the savannah in Namibia, South Africa.

The place to See Massive Cats in Botswana and Namibia 

Collectively, Botswana and Namibia present excellent alternatives for recognizing large cats within the wild, in addition to listening to and/or seeing firsthand the various methods through which they convey. Nat Hab’s immersive 16-day Epic Botswana & Namibia Safari visits the very best of each nation’s parks and reserves, from off-the-beaten-path locales to legendary game-viewing areas. 

Ongava Personal Reserve, Namibia 

Tucked away in northern Namibia and sharing a boundary with the legendary Etosha Nationwide Park—that includes a salt pan that’s so monumental you’ll be able to view it from house—Ongava’s wild panorama of huge plains and mineral flats is an ideal spot for monitoring down lions, leopards and cheetahs which might be drawn by an abundance of prey, together with springbok and wildebeest. Actually, its greater than 125 sq. miles are dwelling to a number of lion prides. 

Lions of Moremi Game Reserve in Botswana.

Moremi Sport Reserve, Botswana 

Situated on the jap facet of Botswana’s lush Okavango Delta, Moremi boasts a world of meandering river channels, open grasslands and mopane forests that make up one of many continent’s most various ecosystems. The lion prides listed below are notably massive. Leopards and cheetahs reside right here as properly, together with packs of untamed canine. It’s among the best locations in Botswana for recognizing these elusive creatures. 

Linyanti Private Reserve, Botswana 

Each rugged and distant, Linyanti is considered one of Botswana’s greatest game-viewing areas and an ideal distinction to the Okavango Delta. Not solely is that this personal reserve dwelling to large herds of elephants, however lion sightings are fairly frequent, and leopards have been identified to make an look or two throughout night time recreation drives. 

Chobe Nationwide Park, Botswana

Predators within the nation’s first nationwide park embrace lions, leopards and cheetahs, in addition to noticed hyenas and wild canine. Massive herds of African buffalo and elephants are cause sufficient for a Botswana safari amid this mixture of forest, marshland and savannah, although the variety of lions residing right here is fairly spectacular, too. 




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